12 April 2021

Who Runs the World?

How does power really work in the world, and who does this truly reside with?

05 April 2021

Are We Being Suffocated? (Not on YouTube)

Are we being suffocated through ideological asphyxiation, in a world moving ever closer towards the New World Order agenda?  

22 March 2021

A Year of Lockdowns

A look at a year of lockdowns, which have no end in sight. How do we get ourselves out of this growing tyrannical nightmare?

10 March 2021

Are Meghan & Harry Trying to Destroy the Royal Family? | Rocking Philosophy Live

Livestream addressing the controversy surrounding Meghan's and Harry's interview with Oprah. Is this an attempt to destroy the Royal Family, partly fuelled by the past treatment of Harry's mother?

08 March 2021

My Time on YouTube is Coming to an End

Update about my future on YouTube in a growing climate of political repression, both online and in the world around us.