27 February 2020

Time to Scrap the UK TV Licence

A look at the leftist bias and wokeness of the UK's BBC and Channel 4, which justifies scrapping the TV licence model in the country.

24 February 2020

Potential Health Risks of 5G

An examination of the potential health risks of 5G, as advancing technology continues to increase the amount of radiation in our environment.

20 February 2020

Book Launch Special | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for this special livestream, as I celebrate the launch of my first book - Pulling Back the Curtain: Feminism, Socialism & the Nature of Freedom. I will be reading sections of the book, as well as taking questions in the live chat.

17 February 2020

13 February 2020

The Gay Elephant in the Room

I address the elephant in the room when it comes to married men that 'come out' after years of having relationships with women.