15 February 2018

PhilosoChat#33 | Mark Collett, Matt Forney & Michael Black Discuss Ashkenazi Censorship

A PhilosoChat group discussion about Ashkenazi censorship, and how we can't talk about the Talmud, Ashkenazi heritage, and other related matters. I'm joined by previous guests Michael Black and Matt Forney, and first time guest Mark Collett.

12 February 2018

Ashkenazi Deception

Who are the Ashkenazim? Are they ethnically Jewish, or are their roots different to what we're led to believe?

08 February 2018

PhilosoChat#32 | Davis Aurini, Michael Black & Coach Red Pill Discuss the FISA Memo Scandal

For the first time ever I'm joined by 3 guests in one episode; Davis Aurini, Michael Black, and Coach Red Pill (who is another PhilosoChat first). We discuss the FISA Memo scandal, and speculate on the fallout from this document.

05 February 2018

Talmudic Supremacy

The Talmud is a compilation of controversial Rabbinic texts, many of which preach supremacy over non-Jews. But is this truly an accurate representation of the Jewish faith, and why is the Talmud so controversial?

02 February 2018

PhilosoChat#31 | Vee Discusses Liberalist Philosophy

For the first time Vee joins me on PhilosoChat, as we discuss liberalist philosophy. What are the principles of this philosophy, and how does it differ from the alternatives?