19 August 2016

The 10 SJW Commandments of Entertainment

Have you ever noticed how movies that don’t conform to leftist/SJW dogma get slammed by critics, and receive really bad aggregate scores on sites like Rotten Tomatoes? Then have you gone to see this movie that’s supposed to be really bad, and found that you actually rather enjoyed it, or at the very least thought it was nowhere near as bad as critics suggested? In 2016 this happened to me on two occasions, first with Batman Vs Superman, and then Suicide Squad

I’m not going to tell you that these movies were the best of all time, but I find it futile to even try and elevate one movie over every other (the same can be said for music, art, or any other category of artistic expression). Don’t get me wrong, neither of these movies are flawless, but as far as superhero/comic book movies go, they’re very entertaining, and take bold steps in redefining the superhero movie genre. But alas, this critic negativity has nothing to do with objectivity. No! This is about SJWs pushing their agenda, and doing what they always do; harassing and bullying everyone into conforming to their ideology.