22 October 2020

Following 'The Science' | Rocking Philosophy Live

Livestream that addresses the political nature of modern science, and how this relates to lockdown policy.

19 October 2020

Bill Gates’ Latest UK Propaganda Campaign

A breakdown of Bill Gates' latest propaganda campaign, tying into other globalist propaganda and goals.

15 October 2020

Build Back Better IS the Great Reset

Build Back Better has become a political slogan in both the UK and US, with links to intergovernmental organisations that are determined to push for global dominance. Find how and why in this video.

12 October 2020


Exposing the 'casedemic' being used to plunge us further into draconian control over our lives, as governments focus on 'cases', not deaths.

08 October 2020

2020 US Election Story So Far | Rocking Philosophy Live

Livestream providing analysis on the 2020 US presidential election during early October, and also asking if we should even care about this event anymore.