19 October 2021

Women With Daddy Issues | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream, I explore the increasing number of women showing signs of daddy issues, and how this is affecting relationships between men and women.

18 October 2021

New Age Pseudoscience & the Law of Attraction

A closer look at the toxic and pseudoscientific spiritual beliefs based on the law of attraction, where you can supposedly manifest your desires, merely through positive thoughts.

12 October 2021

Early Signs of a Narcissist | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for a livestream about the early signs of a narcissist, helping you avoid the pitfalls of getting overinvolved with this destructive personality.

11 October 2021

Why You Will Own Nothing in the Future

How will we be moved to a system where we own nothing, and does this direction prove that Karl Marx was right about his theories?

05 October 2021

Adapting to a Satanic World | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me in a livestream that explores how possible it is to adapt in a world that's increasingly dominated by satanic values, without compromising your morals in the process.