23 April 2018

Globalist Obsession with Russia

Russia has become the perpetual bogeyman of globalism, as the country is subjected to Pravda levels of propaganda. But is Russia really any better or worse than those that accuse it of being so evil?

19 April 2018

PhilosoChat#42 | Christy0Misty Discusses Feminism & Men's Rights

I'm joined by Christy0Misty, who suddenly disappeared in 2011, after quickly becoming one of the biggest men's rights and anti-feminist voices on YouTube. Having returned with a new channel, I have the pleasure of speaking to her.

12 April 2018

PhilosoChat#41 | JF, Academic Agent & Michael Black Discuss the Philosophy of Morality

For this PhilosoChat, I'm delighted to be joined for a 2nd time by Jean-Francois GariƩpy, alongside returning guests, Academic Agent and Michael Black. We discuss the philosophy of morality, with views ranging from moral nihilism and classical liberalism, to the occult.

05 April 2018

PhilosoChat#40 | Academic Agent & aTalkingDude Discuss Race Realism & Immigration in the UK

I'm joined by past guests, aTalkingDude and Academic Agent. Like myself, both live in the UK and have a different ethnic or racial background from the native population. We discuss race realism and immigration in relation to the UK.

02 April 2018

Why South Africa is a Failed State

South Africa has become yet another failed African state, thanks to Communists that have destroyed a once prosperous nation. What can we learn from this tragedy, especially in relation to communism and multiculturalism?