15 June 2017

Post-GE2017 Analysis (No Corbyn, You Didn’t Win!)

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll be providing some post-UK general election analysis, first with this article, and then with a video. If I don’t cover something here, the chances are it’s because I don’t want to repeat myself. That said, let’s start with Comrade Corbyn, the man who thinks he actually won the election by winning 262 seats in parliament. Now there are a few problems with this. I know that Commies aren’t the best at maths, and they think this sort of objective reality shouldn’t get in the way of a communist utopia, kind of like economics proving that socialism doesn’t work. But I’m afraid maths is something very real, and you can’t get around this by acting as though a monkey throwing turds in chess is a valid way to win.

Allow me to explain this to Comrade Corbyn; while it’s all well and good that you increased your majority by 32 from the pathetic low of Miliband’s 230, you need 326 to get a majority in parliament. Not only this, but despite Theresa May leading the worst campaign for her party in living memory, the Tories still got 318 seats. Yes I know that this was 13 seats less than Cameron’s majority, but it was still more than you. Do you now see why you have as much regard for reality as that turd flinging monkey, Comrade Corbyn?

12 June 2017

Defeating Islamic Terrorism

Is there anything we can do to defeat Islamic terrorism? Or are we truly limited to appeasing followers of the 'religion of peace'?

08 June 2017

Are White People to Blame for Their Population Decline?

A video explaining why the low white birth rate is only a problem when others want to displace and replace white people.