28 May 2018

Globalist Approved Opposition (& 3 Rules to Spot this)

Do you ever get the feeling that globalist gatekeepers are pushing approved opposition? In this video, I explain how this works by using Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson as examples. I also provide 3 rules to spot this.

24 May 2018

PhilosoChat#45 | Christy0Misty, The Ignored Gender & Lucian Valsan Discuss the Men's Rights Movement

I'm joined by Christy0Misty, Lucian Valsan, and for the first time, The Ignored Gender, as we discuss the men's rights movement - past, present, and future. Has it succeeded in any way, or has it stagnated and declined?

21 May 2018

The Battle for Aryan Identity

Some believe Aryans founded civilisations all around the world. Nazis claimed Germans were Aryans, though evidence proves Ashkenazim have links to Aryan Persia. I explore if this makes Nazis and Ashkenazim rival heirs to Aryanism.

17 May 2018

Rocking Philosophy Live (17/05/18)

The new format for Rocking Philosophy Live, where I talk about a series of issues related to current events, and whatever is presently on my mind. Here I discuss censorship, #BoycottSolo, the winner of Eurovision 2018, and the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan.

14 May 2018

Philosophical Analysis of Avengers: Infinity War

A philosophical analysis of Avengers: Infinity War, delving predominantly into the effect that Disney is having on popular culture, as well as overpopulation - a major plot device of this movie.