16 September 2019

Heaven & Hell

What does the Bible really say about Heaven and Hell, and how accurately is this described by modern Christians?

12 September 2019

Can Boris Save Brexit? | Rocking Philosophy Live

Is Brexit doomed to failure due to relentless opposition by the Remainer establishment, or can Boris get the job done? Join me live as I consider these questions, along with the possibility that Brexit was never meant to happen.

09 September 2019

The Knights Templar Heresy

Who were the Knights Templar, and was the Catholic Church correct to accuse them of heresy and crimes that led to them being disbanded?

05 September 2019

Will Generation Z Save Us? | Rocking Philosophy Live

It's been said that Generation Z is more conservative. But is it too soon to tell, and are there factors that haven't been considered? In this final livestream generational analysis, I explore these questions.

02 September 2019

Coming of the Antichrist

What does the Bible say about the Antichrist, and are there signs that this entity is coming soon?