04 February 2016

Roosh V Witch-Hunt

Roosh V (real name Daryush Valizadeh), a pick-up artist and neomasculinist, recently tried to host a
worldwide meetup through his website, Return of Kings. I decided that it might be worth attending in my home city of Cardiff, not because I’m into picking up women, or because I’m a ‘neomasculinist’, but because I actually wanted to learn about this group by speaking to those involved. This is called investigative journalism, an archaic method of acquiring information to write and talk about, without actually misrepresenting the views of others. I was in two minds about attending, since I’m a married guy with two young children, that doesn’t really enjoy going out on a Saturday night to bars and clubs anymore. I suspected that this was going to be the plan once people had met at a specified location, between 8-8:20pm local time, in 43 countries around the world. To identify fellow travellers, a special question and answer was required. It was all very Masonic, but alas, it was not to be.