11 July 2019

Ask Me Anything #2 | Rocking Philosophy Live

My second Ask Me Anything livestream, where live viewers can ask questions in the chat, or on Discord.

08 July 2019

04 July 2019

Selling Your Soul For Fame | Rocking Philosophy Live

Performers like Taylor Swift must now conform to every aspect of political correctness. In this livestream, I explain how this affects creativity and messages in music.

01 July 2019

The Arian Controversy (Arius Was Right)

The Arian controversy is the key point when Christianity began to Romanise. But what did Arius actually believe?

27 June 2019

Struggling With YouTube Censorship | Rocking Philosophy Live

Due to my current uphill struggle with YouTube censorship, the previous livestream topic has been postponed, so I can update viewers about my predicament.