15 October 2018

Churchianity Versus Christianity

Christianity has been mired in the beliefs and actions of the church from its very inception. In this video, I explore the way this 'Churchianity' has been used to draw people away from the original meaning and intent of Christianity.

08 October 2018

Evolution of the Pan-European Movement

Explaining the evolution of the Pan-European movement, and how it's a fundamentally bad idea, no matter what version it is. Also explaining how nationalism should not be confined by the politics of the past.

04 October 2018

My 23andMe Predictions & Results

My 23andMe predictions and results. I was left feeling rather surprised and confused by what I found. Upon reflection, it was certainly driven more by politics than science.

24 September 2018

The ‘Chinaficiation’ of the Internet

China is infamous for heavily censoring the internet, and thanks to the pernicious influence of globalism, particularly via corporations and the European Union, the West is going down the same path as this authoritarian country.