24 June 2019

Sinister Symbolism in Popular Music

Symbolism is a constant theme in modern popular music. What does this symbolism mean, and why is it so sinister?

20 June 2019

Re-Evaluating Free Markets (Libertarian Nationalism) | Rocking Philosophy Live

A growing number of people argue that the negative effect of free trade on national sovereignty means free markets don't work. In this livestream I address this overreaction.

17 June 2019

Eternal Nature of Christ

Did Christ always exist, or is he a created being with a special place alongside God the Father?

13 June 2019

Lessons From Calhoun's Mouse Utopia | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream I ask what lessons we can learn from the mouse utopia experiments of John B.Calhoun. What parallels can be drawn to modern society?

10 June 2019