23 July 2018

The Unquestionable Holocaust

Why is the Holocaust the only part of history you can't question, and why does it lead to such harsh consequences? Is it really only Nazis that do this? In this video I challenge this notion, for without the ability to question, we can't establish truth.

19 July 2018

MGTOW Cult Hysteria

I address the hysterical mobbing and cult-like mentality of MGTOW, leading to them becoming the most despised community on YouTube. If only they'd hurry up and go their own way, instead of trying to infect people with nihilism!

16 July 2018

4 Parallels Between Feminism & MGTOW

I identified the similarities between feminism and MGTOW when very few people did, and since then many others have noticed the same things. In this video I summarise the core parallels between these ideologies.

12 July 2018

PhilosoChat#46 | Brit Girl & Daniel Bostock Discuss the Derailing of Brexit

I'm joined by two esteemed first time guests from the UK, Brit Girl and Daniel Bostock. We discuss how the establishment have utterly betrayed the will of the people by derailing their democratic decision to leave the EU.

09 July 2018

Bolshevik Origins

The Bolsheviks laid the foundation for the most bloody and totalitarian movement in the last 100 years. Strangely, their origins are denied and suppressed. Find out how and why this takes place in this video.