16 November 2017

Rocking Philosophy Live | Kraut & Tea’s True SJW Nature

After a 2 month absence, Kraut & Tea returns to double down on his war on race realism, and the 'Alt-Right'. In this livestream, I dissect Kraut's ridiculous dismissals of the existence of race, and expose his true SJW nature.

13 November 2017

The Corporate Agenda Explained

The current system we live in is a hybrid between communism and fascism, the latter being economic. Many call this economic model corporatism. In this Agenda Explained episode, learn what is this and how it originated.

09 November 2017

Rocking Philosophy Live | The Rise in Attacks Against White Americans

In this livestream, I examine the rise in attacks against Americans that are a combination of white, Christian, conservative, Trump supporters. As these attacks escalate, I ask why this is happening, and who is responsible.

06 November 2017

How Homosexuality Was Declassified as a Mental Illness

We're constantly told that homosexuality was once unjustly considered mentally ill. But what led to homosexuality being declassified as a mental illness? Was this science, or the leftist tactics we've grown accustomed to today?

02 November 2017

Rocking Philosophy Live | What Kevin Spacey Reveals About Degeneracy

Livestream about the revelations surrounding Kevin Spacey's sexual conduct. Does this shine a spotlight on the link between sexual abuse and deviant lifestyles, and do other gay celebrities further demonstrate that this link exists?