17 August 2017

Does the Alt-Left Exist?

Since Donald Trump linked the Alt-Left to violence at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, the mainstream media began to parrot a typically coordinated narrative, in this case stating that the Alt-Left doesn’t exist. Well, for one, there’s an Alt-Left website, Facebook page, and subreddit, account to name a few examples of this phenomenon, so already we see that the Left are up to their old lying tricks. Although this label was far less known before Trump used it, Leftists, incapable of originality, began to use the term Alt-Left as a way to counter the Alt-Right. But whether or not the Alt-Left is violent, Antifa most definitely is. How closely the Alt-Left is associated with Antifa is a question worth asking. But since the mainstream media is determined to label the Alt-Right as exclusively made up of neo-Nazi white supremacists violent thugs, it’s tactically sound to put Antifa in the same camp as the Alt-Left because it’s a useful comparison to make, and easy for the public to latch onto.

27 July 2017

How 'Diversity' Destroys Comic and Movie Popularity

Cinema ticket sales have been declining for years. When you factor in inflation, these numbers are the some of the worst in around a century. I myself haven’t been going to the cinema as much since my children were born. But I have managed to go on occasion, and I do have a Netflix subscription.
I’ve recently managed to catch up with some of the movies I missed in the cinema, many of which I’m glad I didn’t pay to see because it sends Hollywood the wrong message – that people want what they’re selling.

When you combine this with a similar decline in the comic industry, this is obviously not what most people want, despite claims to the contrary. Many already know that this decline is fuelled by the raving obsession with diversity, after universities have been churning out rabid far-left ideologues for decades, completely unopposed for the outright sedition that it is. Diversity has merely become the latest buzzword for the Far-Left, replacing the failed economic theories of communism. Let’s take a closer look at this obsession with diversity, to learn why this causes a decline in comic and movie popularity.

20 July 2017

How Important is IQ?

Having previously covered the correlation between race and IQ, I explore how important this measurement actually is.