11 May 2017

The Globalists Strike Back

So far 2017 is turning out to be a very bad year. Considering how well 2016 went, it couldn’t get much worse. To go from a year when the globalist establishment was beaten at every turn (against all odds to boot!) to what we’re now seeing, is demoralising. No doubt the establishment wants this, because demoralisation is an age-old tactic of war and conquest. But is it really so surprising that globalists have managed to regroup? Not really. If anything people have become too self-assured, and this has led to complacency. Allow me to make a Star Wars comparison; if 2016 was the ending of A New Hope, if we’re ever going to have our Return of the Jedi moment, it looks we’re going to have to go through dark turmoil of The Empire Strikes Back first.