12 November 2018

Exploring Jewish Identity

Why is there so much confusion about Jewish identity? In this video I explore this question, and explain why Jewish identity is so often misunderstood, especially by those that paint all Jews with one broad brush.

05 November 2018

MyHeritage Ethnicity Results (More Accurate than 23andMe)

After receiving dubious results from 23andMe, I uploaded my DNA data to MyHeritage. This site was not only more accurate, but revealed some very interesting information about my ethnic make up.

29 October 2018

Catholic Foundation for a One-World Religion

Explaining how the ecumenical agenda of the Catholic Church is a foundational part of an emerging one-world religion, and why some Catholics insist on defending this.

22 October 2018

Communitarianism - Think Globally, Act Locally

Communitarianism is the local face of globalism that implements policies like environmentalism and population control. Find out how this affects our lives, and how people justify this psychotic agenda. Watch the full version here.

15 October 2018

Churchianity Versus Christianity

Christianity has been mired in the beliefs and actions of the church from its very inception. In this video, I explore the way this 'Churchianity' has been used to draw people away from the original meaning and intent of Christianity. Watch full version here.