16 October 2017

How Secession is Exploited by the Left

Secession is not automatically desirable, and Catalonian independence is no different. Without proper philosophical and historical understanding, this will only be exploited.

12 October 2017

Rocking Philosophy Live | Implosion of Leftist Celebrity Culture

As leftist entertainment and sports industries continue to implode, I take a look at Eminem's absurd freestyle rap against Trump at the BET awards. I also look at what the accusations against Harvey Weinstein tell us about the true face of Hollywood, and celebrity culture at large.

09 October 2017

Alt-Right Subversion of the Right

When people don't know the difference between right and left, it allows Leftists to take over the whole of politics. The Alt-Right has become the latest manifestation of this subversion, since people are foolish enough to think nationalism socialism is right-wing.

05 October 2017

Rocking Philosophy Live | UKIP Elects a Nobody as Leader

A Livestream where I address the manner in which a nobody like Henry Bolton can come out of nowhere and become leader of UKIP. This represents the decline of the party that I've been warning about for years, and even involves Nigel Farage.

02 October 2017

The Great Brexit Betrayal

Brexit is being derailed by an establishment stitch-up, involving endless delays that keep us under the primacy of EU rule.