29 December 2013

EU Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation To Newborns

Yet more evidence of an utterly depraved and perverted sexual agenda to corrupt the innocent through cultural Marxist filth, presenting even paedophilia as equality and progress. This time it’s the Estrela report being rushed through EU parliament, providing very little time for scrutiny by parliamentarians. Here’s what the report recommends:

Ages 0 – 4 years, “Give information about enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s body, early childhood masturbation,” and “Give the right to explore gender identities.”

Ages 4 – 6 years, “Give information about same-sex relationships,” and “Help children develop respect for different norms regarding sexuality.”

The Estrela report recommends that sexual education should be based on a World Health Organisation report, called Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe, an utterly depraved document that includes the previous examples for sexual education. The recommendations also include the introduction of no restrictions on abortions, and was backed by the usual suspects like Amnesty International and Planned Parenthood, all in the name of LGBT rights and feminism. It would force all EU member states to adopt its policies, where lesbians would also receive medical support for procreation, adding yet more power to authoritarians to erode natural reproductive rights by deciding who becomes a parent.

Thankfully this policy was thrown out due to a huge outcry of Europe-wide public opposition, numbering 1.8 million signatories on a petition – the largest response ever received since a path was introduced that allows citizens to protest EU legislation. This prevented the Estrela report being enshrined in policy via the monopoly of power that the European Commission possesses, a common socialist strategy to force change on the people. Socialist MEP, Edite Estrela, who the report was named after, was furious at the result, showing once more that leftists have no respect for democracy, as they constantly push for their true goal of technocratic dictatorship.

How much more of this utterly perverted agenda of socialist mission creep and ideological euphemisms do people have to see before they wake up?  Socialism has nothing to do with tolerance, and has everything to do with the worst elements of Huxlian and Orwellian fiction. Are we really supposed to believe that newborns being taught about masturbation has any positive purpose? Reality truly is colliding with fiction, as orgy-porgy in Brave New World becomes a very real threat to decent people everywhere. Yet we still live in a culture where people believe leftist predators have a right to a voice, as they corrupt and destroy everything that makes civilisation decent, lining their own pockets along the way. Socialism is nothing but a creed of envy and greed, and you can add sexual exploitation to that too.

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  1. Socialism has nothing to do with tolerance, and has everything to do with the worst elements of Huxlian and Orwellian fiction.

    Yes, you're right: what we have is neither one nor the other, but a merging of the two.

    While 1984 was rather prophetic in many respects (the deliberate manipulation of the language, for example), Orwell's predictions about sex were completely off-beam. He feared a sort-of state-imposed 'traditional' morality, and saw meaningless, animalistic sex as the antidote; as striking a blow for freedom against the oppression of the State. What happened was effectively the opposite.

    Instead of a state-enforced "old fashioned" Biblical morality (premarital chastity, lifelong fidelity, love, children, etc.), we have a radical promotion of "polymorphous perversity", the goal of which has been to clear the way for a fundamental transformation of society. The modern Western sexual landscape is hence more Huxleyan than Orwellian.

    And I think Huxley's idea of "sexual play" for young children is just around the corner. This seems unthinkable at the time of writing, given the way in which pederasts are hated (I've often wondered whether the increasing intensity of loathing for pederasts and rapists is a function of the increasing sexual depravity in the wider society --- a last-ditch attempt by sluts 'n sleaze-bags to claim the moral high ground as they indulge their basest lusts ever more shamelessly). Yet with the rise of spurious 'rights', and their being granted to pretty much everyone, who can tell which rights will prevail?

    Is it too much of a stretch to think that one day (perhaps in the not-too-distant future) a child, with the help of a 'progressive' lawyer will go to court to insist that the laws governing minors are unjust and age-discriminatory? And what then? If a minor asserts his or her 'right' to have sex with another child or with an adult, then who --- in the absence of traditional moral absolutes or the concept of legal minority --- will be able to stop him or her? ...Particularly if the bulk of society is engaging in whatsoever perversion takes their fancy.

    ...And it's worth remembering that in the space of one lifetime we've gone from a society in which homosexuality was "the love that dare not speak its name" and was punishable by imprisonment (regardless of what one thinks of this practice), to a society in which homosexuality is celebrated openly and 'homophobia' (i.e. disapproval of homosexuality --- or even simply scepticism about the claims of the LGBT lobby) is the view that dare not speak its name; a view which can lose people their jobs and which --- if hate-crime legislation finally prevails --- may itself be punished by imprisonment.