06 January 2014

The Straight-Jacket of Leftist Dialectic

Leftists control every outcome through dialectical manipulation.


Background on the Fabian Society

A Collectivist Interpretation of Left-Right Politics

The True Political Spectrum


  1. "It was never controversial to suggest that Fascists were Socialists and Left-wing until after World War II"

    A year or two ago I tried --- alas in vain --- to persuade a recent history graduate (apparently she'd graduated top of her year) that the NSDAP were Socialists. She had a long, convoluted explanation about how they maybe started off sort-of Socialist, and maybe presented themselves as a bit more Socialist in the north of the country, but really they were right-wingers. Having myself seen the manifesto of the Nazis, and having heard enough of their rhetoric to know that they were Leftists to the core, I knew she was spouting whatever bilge her (doubtless Leftist) tutors had fed her (for the regurgitation of which she'd obtained her high marks). In retrospect, I ought perhaps to have persisted, and asked her to define her terms: in the minds of most these days, "right wing" means anything that isn't modern leftism, or anything that's nasty. ...But she was getting a bit irked that a non-historian might disagree with her about history. So I just muttered something like, "I suppose it depends on your definition of left and right" and went and had some cake...

    1. I always find I get rather irritated with myself after a situation has passed, if I allow people to speak falsehoods unchallenged, and it sounds like you feel the same way too in relation to your experience above.

      You are, of course, correct in all you say. The way the dialectic has been reframed by leftists to suggest that all the nasty people belong on the right, is a flat-out lie. The right stands for freedom and the protection of individual rights. The left is the side of totalitarianism and rights that are defined and granted by authority, i.e. tyranny.