22 April 2015

Should Labour Voters Be Proud?

I'm convinced that a "shy UKIP" effect will mean that UKIP will do far better than pollsters predict on May 7th. It seems, however, that other voters are proud to support certain parties, parties that are far from deserving of such sentiment.

YouGov poll states that many people are proud to support a Labour party responsible for lying and deceiving the country more times that anyone could mention, not least the Rotherham scandal in recent years.

The sheer level of debt alone that this party has piled onto the country is reflective of the average selfish and ignorant Labour voter, and how the type of people that would vote Labour are perfectly happy to hide their own narcissistic sense of entitlement behind a socialist ideology that has never worked, and never will. Each time Labour has departed office they leave the country in crisis, and in typical socialist fashion history is revised to suppress this. Everywhere that socialists go this pattern is replicated, from the collapse of the Soviet Union, to the killing fields of Cambodia - either it's not real socialism, or it's someone else's fault.

The only people that socialism ever works for are political elites, public sector workers, and welfare recipients, although eventually ruination always occurs, because socialism is one big ponzi scheme that destroys wealth and aspiration alike. None of the aforementioned groups produce any wealth in the true economic sense of the word, while the least productive are the ones holding the gun to everyone else's head, bullying and intimidating those that want to limit state power, by using this very power to intimidate and destroy those that want to be free.

As such Labour voters should be the most "shy" of all, but I doubt devoted Labour voters are truly capable of such introspection. The compassionate socialist is a complete and utter myth, and I for one have had enough of Labour Party supporters hiding behind this lie. It's one thing to screw me over by robbing Peter to pay Paul, but you will not rob my children of their future before they're even old enough to pay taxes.

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