08 June 2015

Denying Cultural Marxism

The left will always deny anything that makes them look bad.



  1. Excellent! I particularly enjoyed the observation if common principles used by Cultural Marxists - esp re: Castro. In particular I want to add another "Cultural Marxist Handbook" by Jan Kozak called "...And Not a Shot is Fired" that described in great detail the covert subversion undertaken by the Russia sponsored Communists who managed to take over Czechoslovskia in 1949.

    On a similar note our own CBC ( or Communist Broadcasting Corp in Canada) aired a radio rebroadcast interview of an old Canadian lady who passed away in 2009, but who had married a wealthy Cuban sugar-cane plantation owner before the Castro revolution. She describes their life before and after ( her husband died just before Castro took power - which was why they never escaped). Of course she was completely 'turned' because she was allowed to live on a small state pension in one room of her former mansion along with her former employees - who loved her - so they all 'enjoyed' their poverty subsistance together. It is a very disturbing account if only because the women was so vacuous and disinterested about what happened but also I think did not have children - and so just accepted the benign state terror. This is the problem with most women as all they seek is comfort - and they will bow to whom or whatever provides it.

    1. Sounds chilling, although apathy is a major part of the left's strategy to dominate.

    2. http://www.cbc.ca/radio/inthefield/places-we-have-known-1.3060091?autoplay=true