04 November 2015

8 Glaring Contradictions on the Left

It doesn’t take a liberal arts professor to realise that the Left is so full of cows dung that it’s impossible to square the circle of their ideology. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun pointing out some of their more glaring contradictions, shining light on just how dumb you’d have to be to believe their demagogic garbage. Of course, the Left see themselves as very clever and sophisticated. Then again so does every other self-righteous narcissist. But let’s not delay with entertaining ourselves at the expense of these pseudo-intellectuals fools. There’s simply too much fun to be had.

1. Morality is subjective, except when we say so

The Left believe that morality is a series of subjective assertions that have no basis in absolute truth or objectivity. An especially prickly subject for the Left is natural law, particularly natural rights (and don’t you dare talk about personal responsibility). Leftists, being very rational and intellectual, brush away all ‘moral absolutes’ dismissively, whenever it conflicts with their beliefs. But wait! How can anyone make a moral statement, or any statement at all, without ending with an absolute conclusion? “Oh, that’s just culturally biased thinking that has no place in a modern society,” the Left will cry.

Yet more confusing is how the Left can make any moral arguments at all if this is what they truly believe. How can slavery be immoral? Patriarchy? Capitalism? Christianity? The list of leftist moralising goes on and on (as well all well know, to our mental exhaustion). That’s easy to explain, according to the Left; vote on what’s right, or rely on the judgement of a pseudo-intellectual fraud like Karl Marx to tell you what is right. Then all moral inconsistencies vanish - poof!

2. Gender is a social construct, except when you have the brain of the wrong sex

Radical feminists proclaim to the world that gender is a social construct. This is a very subtle sleight of hand, however, because gender doesn’t actually exist. Still, Leftists will argue that your brain cannot be defined by your sex, and that all differences related to sex are limited purely to external anatomy. Of course, people that can think for themselves know this is nonsense, with so many obvious everyday differences between the sexes, not least career choices related to brain sex. Men tend to dominate STEM subjects, while women tend to prefer subjects based on liberal arts and humanities, or any area involving care, from teaching and social work, to medicine.

Setting this aside, the Left regularly gets itself into a muddle when it tries to marry this with queer theory – the idea that gender is a fluid concept that exists on a spectrum. “That doesn’t sound too contradictory”, you might say. Aah, but you see, you can’t have a transsexual identity and still assert that brain sex doesn’t exist. This is a longstanding schism on the Left, with many radical feminists getting irate whenever anyone suggests that a person can have the brain of the opposite sex (especially when a man professes to be a woman). Equally, queer theorists get just as irate when radical feminists disagree with them. This is something that Germaine Greer was reminded of when she criticised the current darling of the Left, Caitlyn Jenner.

3. Race doesn’t exist, except when you’re white

Leftists decry any concept of race. This is demonstrably false, and like sex, Leftists refuse to acknowledge any differences beyond external appearance. Of course, we are all human at the end of the day, except when Leftists criticise white people, who are, apparently, really privileged and stuff. Even using the ‘race social construct’ argument could be referred to as white privilege by the Left, who see whiteness as a class that effectively needs to be completely eradicated. Therefore white people need to shut up, at all times. Weirdly enough, you can’t simply reject your whiteness and move along. You have to live your whole life repenting for your perceived sins, even though white countries are the most racially tolerant in the world, to the point that they’re literally committing cultural and racial suicide.

4. Feminists stand up for women, except when Muslim men rape them

Feminists like to present themselves as the champions of women’s rights. Only that’s kind of a load of crap, especially when it contradicts the multicultural agenda of the Left. Where to begin, in this regard; how about Rotherham, where over 1400 girls were repeatedly raped by Muslim grooming gangs in a period that spanned over a decade, as leftist councillors threatened and silenced anyone that tried to prevent this, or raise awareness of this horrendous activity. This even included parents of the victims. This is far from an isolated example, either. Sweden, a country widely considered the feminist capital of the world, is also the rape capital of Europe. Why? Because white privilege can’t override the rights of Muslim rapists.

5. We advocate rights for all, except white cis abled men

You’d be hard pressed not to find a Leftist that doesn’t prattle on about how they stand for equality. But we all know this isn’t true, and the Left know it, deep down. The interpretation of the world, according to the Left, is so blinkered that the amount of equality you get is based purely on group identity, where groups with the most privilege get the least ‘equality’, and the ones with the least privilege get the most. On this basis, a poor black disabled lesbian woman (you have to specify her sex and gender, or you’re a heteronormative bigot) gets the most ‘equality’, and the less these categories apply to you, the less ‘equal’ you are. So if you’re a straight white male, and you have the fortune of perfectly healthy bodily functions, you don’t even get the right to speak, let alone equality.

6. We believe in free speech, except when you disagree with us

Everyone has free speech in Leftyland (except white cis abled males – that’s a given!), unless, well, you’re not a leftist that agrees with absolutely everything they think. The crazy thing is that you’d have to be stupid not to realise that Leftist incitement to violence and theft is a violation of any common sense approach to freedom, and what many people would argue is not defined by free speech in the slightest. Instead, enablers of the Left, and Leftists alike, pretend that people have a right to go around inciting violence and tension, spreading lies, and generally brainwashing useful idiots into working towards the collapse of society. Meanwhile, the very people given the right to say practically anything they like, will only respect free speech until they’re in a position to take yours away for not being a leftist.

7. We stand up for the poor, except when we need to print money

Social programs are extremely expensive, and raising taxes only go so far. But this won’t stop the Left getting what they want. When their social programs start to collapse the Left will turn on the printing press, which cripples the poor by devaluing the currency in circulation. People with assets benefit from the rise in the cost of living, but the poor can’t afford to buy property, commodities, or invest in the stock market. They’re stuck using a currency that has its value whittle away with every round of ‘quantitative easing’. Of course, Leftists, being Leftists, will deny that money printing causes inflation, even though the historical evidence is vast, from the Weimar Republic to Zimbabwe. Except Leftists don’t actually believe money should exist in their communist utopia, and they can’t be wrong about anything, especially the objective value of wealth.

8. The family is an outdated patriarchal institution, except when gay people want one

Family is a terrible thing (according to the Left anyway), or at least it was before gay people wanted to get involved. Before that it was an outdated, patriarchal institution that oppressed women and children. You can see how much the Left have always hated the family in a myriad of places, from Chapter 2 of the Communist Manifesto to the 1971 Gay Liberation Front Manifesto. You can also hear a candid take gay marriage by Masha Gessen, who admits that the true aim of gay marriage is to destroy marriage and redefine the family. Since society is more nihilistic than ever, many people just don’t care about this, because their own broken family upbringing has tarnished their perspective. Alternatively, they’re advocates of an interpretation of the communist ideology that always fiercely opposed the institution of marriage and the family.

There are plenty of other examples of Leftist contradictions we could all laugh at, since they truly are a parody of a blissfully unaware idiot. But you have to stop somewhere, and 8 was enough for me, at least for now. In the meantime, feel free to leave your own example in the comment section.


  1. 9 Open borders immigration is needed, Israeli settlers take Palestinian land.

  2. The left and socialism will always posit themselves as champions of the working class and the poor majority. Yet, the same groups believe that the European Union and environmental fanaticism are sacrosanct, even though both destroy British industry and jobs.

  3. All very succinctly put Mr E.

  4. + Single mothers are strong and independent, except we have a entire child support complex to help them.

  5. Feminist don't need men, except when they need someone to mine the coal, pave roads, and shoo away the spider.

  6. The rich are privileged, except if you are minority.