25 January 2016

The Turkish Occupation of Cyprus - What We Can Learn From This Injustice

The Turkish occupation of Cyprus is a template for Islamic imperialism.



  1. Hmmmmm. I agree that nasty political agendas, including those by Britain, have had a detrimental effect, but the excoriation of Britain is uncalled-for. It was the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Makarios who introduced the 'Black Mac Tax' not Britian. And the Greek Cypriot practice of pretending that Cyprus was duw south of Crete and hence due south of Greece was just ludicrous and designed to inflame. (The 'Greek-Cypriot' Military had signs thus at the gates of their bases.). Cyprus is just 60 miles from Turkey: a smaller distance than Ireland is from England.

    I have no love for the Turk. The invasion by Turley was a disaster and Britain failed to prevent it. It could have easily. I loved the Cypriot people. By the way, my landlord's boss in Cyprus was a KGB head honcho and the Russians were quite sas et on spreading lies and disinformation about Britain as the Turks and Greeks were.

    One small matter - and no reflection upon you my friend, nor meant to insult, but why, I wonder, did your parents choose to take you to Britain rather than to Greece, considering the sentiments?

    1. Whatever Makarios did is irrelevant, my friend. All people are entitled to self-determination, and the British didn't want that for the Greeks because it would lead to their loss of influence.

      I am not blaming all Brits for the mess in Cyprus. But the elites played a game of divide and conquer, much like other places, such as Israel. They are doing it in modern Europe today.

      In the end, just like Israel, the Greeks had a right to Cyprus going back over 1500 years. They have been the majority there for the longest time, and I know you are a man that respects that because I know your politics. You are pro-Israel, for example, and their claim goes back to the ancient world, like Greeks in Cyprus.

      We are both emotionally invested in this struggle for different reasons. But the logic speaks for itself. Perhaps our friendship will help you reflect on what I have shared here.

      At the least the British should have created a democratic government in Cyprus, and made the Greeks British citizens. That would have gone a long way to show they were being fair. Today, I would still go for that option because Greece is no longer a viable country to unite with. But stirring up trouble with the Turks, who have no more a right to that island than they do the rest of Greece, was a terrible move.

      My Father came to Britain because his father wanted to move there after WWII. My mother came here because of the Turkish invasion, and she already had a sister here she could stay with.

      I am aware there is a Leftist agenda in this story, too. The Greeks should have assured the US that they were a good ally. On the flipside, considering Turkey a NATO ally has repeatedly proven to be a mistake.