19 August 2016

The 10 SJW Commandments of Entertainment

Have you ever noticed how movies that don’t conform to leftist/SJW dogma get slammed by critics, and receive really bad aggregate scores on sites like Rotten Tomatoes? Then have you gone to see this movie that’s supposed to be really bad, and found that you actually rather enjoyed it, or at the very least thought it was nowhere near as bad as critics suggested? In 2016 this happened to me on two occasions, first with Batman Vs Superman, and then Suicide Squad

I’m not going to tell you that these movies were the best of all time, but I find it futile to even try and elevate one movie over every other (the same can be said for music, art, or any other category of artistic expression). Don’t get me wrong, neither of these movies are flawless, but as far as superhero/comic book movies go, they’re very entertaining, and take bold steps in redefining the superhero movie genre. But alas, this critic negativity has nothing to do with objectivity. No! This is about SJWs pushing their agenda, and doing what they always do; harassing and bullying everyone into conforming to their ideology.

Flopbusters; the logical conclusion of listening to SJW critics.
We can see the logical conclusion of listening to these concern trolls with the horrendous reboot of Ghostbusters, which utterly butchers a classic. This is so bad that not even the critics can bring themselves to rave about this monstrosity that adheres to their own insanity. Yet they still manage to give it ratings significantly higher than the aforementioned movies, despite the ‘feminist’ Ghostbusters heading for a substantial loss at the box office. 

Similarly harsh criticism and aggregate scoring exists with audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. These reviews seem to be skewered by people just as ideological as so many of today’s critics, or Marvel fans that don’t want to see DC succeed on the silver screen. I don’t really have much to say about the latter, who are nothing but geeks that need to get a life if they’re this heavily invested in their favourite comic book brand. But the former really are nothing but snakes presenting dogma as impartiality, infiltrating websites and trying to influence public opinion. Fortunately, there simply aren’t enough of them to have the same effect on the audience aggregate score as the critics do. 

If you’re in any doubt that there’s an ideological agenda at play here, what else do you call a description of Suicide Squad as “flaccid machismo, a shapeless, poorly edited trudge that adds some mildly appalling sexism and even a soupçon of racism to its abundant, hideously timed gun worship.” It’s not hard to see what side of the political spectrum this ‘critic’ sits on.

So given that SJWs are determined to subvert or sabotage everything in entertainment, I’ve created 10 commandments that summarise their expectations:

1. Thou shalt make all females protagonists superior to male counterparts

Think Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She is the quintessential Mary Sue character that, upon observing her amazing abilities, is blatantly being set up to become the greatest Jedi of all time. Rey, like all female protagonists, must be the best at everything, with little to no regard for training, mythology, backstory, or rules governing a fictional setting. No concern should be spared for how this affects a coherent and entertaining story, since the personal is political, and everything should always serve the SJW agenda.

2. Thou shalt never create a damsel in distress

Again think of Rey, who manages to escape by using Jedi mind tricks that took past Jedi years of training to master. Rey, on the other hand, has the ability to escape capture by manipulating the mind of a Stormtrooper, with no way to explain such a mastery of the force other than her being the most powerful Jedi that’s ever lived. This therefore adheres to commandment number one, and keeps SJWs happy. If a female is ever captured or harmed in any way, only her own abilities, or at the very least fellow females, can be the reason she escapes or recovers. This commandment in particular will result in major trolling online and in the media, if broken. So be warned! 

3. Thou shalt make all characters gender fluid

Think Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Buffy herself in the Season 8 comic. All characters can change their sexual identity any time the SJW narrative requires it. This means the number of non-straight characters will reflect the overinflated figures of real-life, when SJWs would have us believe that being straight is a social construct, and the percentage of sexual deviants is as much as 10% or more.

4. Thou shalt make all straight white males evil

Think Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. Yes, I know this is a comedy character, but the SJW interpretation of a straight white male has become such a parody of itself that this is basically what it amounts to. Straight white males should only be portrayed as something along the lines of sexist capitalist pigs that are destroying the planet and oppressing minorities.

5. Thou shalt make all whites racist

Think 12 Years a Slave. Always give the impression that white people only ended slavery yesterday, that the British weren’t pivotal in ending it, only white people kept slaves, and that the Islamic world didn’t have the most brutal slavery trade of all. It’s amazing what the emotional impact of propaganda, sorry, ‘entertainment’ can be, so always try and sell the biggest lie you can get away with.

Margot Robbie; too feminine for feminist dykes?
6. Thou shalt never make women sexy

Think Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. We all know that the real problem critics have with her is too much feminine sex appeal. This is completely unacceptable because lesbian dykes are the SJW standard for female sexuality, and all lady parts should be covered up at all times because men should never ever be titillated by women.

7. Thou shalt change the identity of all straight white male protagonists

Think the female Ghostbusters. Eventually no straight white male characters should be left standing. Therefore gradually transform the culture so that past straight white male protagonists are erased from history. Any resistance, like the characters in Batman Vs Superman, should receive negative reviews and criticism that pressurises weaklings into acquiescing to SJW nagging.

8. Thou shalt always deride and chastise Christianity

Think two lesbian prisoners fondling each other on a chapel altar in Orange is the New Black (yes, this really did happen). All Christians must either be portrayed as hypocrites or intolerant bigots, and the impression of Christianity must be that nothing good has ever come from this religion.

9. Thou shalt always portray Islam as an enlightened religion of peace

Think Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of the North African Muslim, Azeem, in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. This character was an enlightened intellectual mistaken for a barbarian, but you can also portray Muslims as oppressed minorities suffering at the hands of Western imperialism.

10. Thou shalt always make family life appear dull and repressive

Think Marge Simpson. This animated character once had the potential to become a successful woman, but had this taken away by her oafish husband, who is nothing but a burden on his family. All fathers should be depicted as lazy, stupid, or deadbeats. Only gay families, single mothers, and step families should be perceived as healthy and successful. Like everything else in SJW land, this is largely an inversion of reality, but most won’t question this because so many are unable to separate reality from fiction.

Perhaps we need more than 10 SJW commandments, but in the spirit of biblical prophecy I will stick to this number here. It really is rather apt that the proclamations of SJWs should be set out in this manner, since let’s be honest, SJW ideology has all the characteristics of a religion, and certainly requires faith over evidence. All we need now are two stone tablets on display in every spiritual home of the SJW, the university campus.


  1. I think These 10 expectations that you speak of are recent phenomena. The way I see it is that Hollywood has always portrayed the West and it's tropes as the ideal and has numerously employed toxic stereotypes that has led to an adoption of shallow viewpoints in the minds of the western laymen against other cultures and countries and has rendered their minds bound to ethnocentrism. The list of movies who follow this narrative is endless.

    I agreed with most of the examples you set but in some of the certain cases you mentioned I cannot help but show a sense of stupor. Like in case #8 you bring the example of the Orange Is The New Black scene. I remember seeing that scene but never did I once thought that this was a denigration of Christianity! To me it was just a portrayal of two horny women doing naughty things where they ought not to be, it was subversive but not dismissive to Christianity the way I saw it. In fact in OITNB Sister Jane Ingalls is a strong and moral christian character who isn't detestable at all.

    Or your example of Marge Simpson. The narrative of The Simpsons in my view isn't AT ALL representative of the grayness of family life. In fact the family may be dysfunctional and composed of a motley of assorted characteristics that repel each other but at the end of the day this chaos is put in to harmony and differences are reconciled and the beauty of this family is presented.

    1. I hate to say it, but you're expressing cognitive dissonance in your comment. No doubt things are worse now than ever, but still, this has gradually gotten to the point we are now in - it didn't happen overnight. Try decades. If you think Hollywood was always pro-West, then you are not being objective.

      Not sure how people fondling in front of a chapel altar isn't subversive. Try that scene in front of any other sacred religious setting and see what reaction you get. Whether or not one OITNB character is a Christian is irrelevant. I stopped watching the show after the relevant episode, but I bet my bottom dollar this sister is portrayed as a judgemental hypocrite.

      The Simpsons is mild by today's standards, in terms of how bad family life is portrayed. But nonetheless it is not a good example of family life, and depicts dads in a very poor light. This has become the archetype of modern dads, unless they're part of the SJW narrative (i.e. gay dads).

      Overall I don't see you accepting of anything set out in this post. I hope that doesn't result in circular replies. I don't have much patience for that.

    2. I have to offer a rebuttal.

      I think you are being subjective, my logic on this matter is based on inductive reasoning. Hollywood has in numerous cases been pro-west, every once in a while in a hypothetical movie revolving around for example political issues Russia is portrayed in a negative light, as if the movie is implying: "Oh, look at those damn Russians, always mingling and nosing into our business" (think The Avengers, A Good Day To Die Hard). Or for example the Middle-East is always shown as a war zone with nothing but desert dwelling folks milling about on camels among people living in miserable conditions (Think American Sniper, Argo). Or what about its portrayal of Africa? (Think Outbreak, Blood Diamond, Sahara). I can go on forever, you cannot deny the fact that these regions have been stereotyped and in the narrative of these stories the west has always served as this beacon of hope. All I’m saying is Hollywood serves the empire and your local Cineplex does spew pro-west propaganda, it isn’t hard to spot a pattern.

      Me agreeing with some parts of your post and disagreeing with others isn’t a case of cognitive dissonance, that’s a jump in logic on your part. I just found some of your examples to be absurd because at least in my case never did I feel a sense of injustice to a certain way of life or a race or religion. But in your other examples I saw patterns that made sense.

      As for the church fondling scene I’m sure that if another religion was portrayed, especially Islam, people would have gone nuts, there would have been fatalities and the SJW’s would’ve lost their shit, this shows their regressive thinking and poisonous double standards. But I don’t think it defiles religion or Christianity. If the west didn't lose its shit over a Jesus figurine dipped in a jar of urine and portrayed as “art” I’m sure they won’t lose their shit over this, nor do I think it dents the faith. At the end of the day freedom of speech takes the cake.

    3. Funny that you mentioned the "Russians". It's clear that you are an apologist for the far left apologism that so often resonates as entertainment, and you can't offer any "refutations" outside of mere muddying.

      If you think Africa is portrayed poorly with the examples you give, you are so lost to reason that I'm going to move you along. Blood Diamond for one was bout a greedy western white man that was exploiting the natural resources of the continent. The rest of your 'concerns' are the type of pure trolling that I am pointing out in the post - there is nothing derogatory towards Africa in any of them.

      In fact your entire comment is an example of SJW concern trolling, right down to you suggesting that mocking and ridiculing Christianity has nothing to do with subversion.

      You're clearly too brainwashed to reason with, and around here I don't waste my time with mindless SJW zombies. So all your comments from here on in will be removed, and the remaining comments (clearly by the same person) will serve as an example of the concern trolling and dismissive deflections you get, whenever challenging SJW dogma.

      If you want to remove your own comments that's up to you. But I know exactly how people like you operate, and you won't be able to weasel your way into my online spaces with your tactics, to take over and obfuscate as per usual.

      Au revoir.

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