23 January 2017

Is All Nationalism Bad?

Nationalism has become a political scapegoat.



  1. My friend brought up the following objection. I was interested in an account of "out of control statism fueled by socialism". Thanks.

    "40 seconds in: "In the aftermath of two world wars people were led to believe this was caused by nationalism. In reality it was caused by out of control growth in statism, feuled by socialism." It's a weird argument. The real socialists were the Soviets and those fighting Franco -- in both cases opponents of Hitler."

    1. It's very simple; it's the age-old argument that only communism can be socialism, when in reality, socialism comes in a variety of different forms, both nationalist and internationalist, i.e. not just communism or social democracy/democratic socialism.

    2. Is this then a statement that the nazis were really just socialists? I understand that they were national socialism.

      This has always been a conundrum to me understand the socialism aspect but the story is that it is really nationalism.

      Do you have any books or links that can discuss this point at length?

      Loved the video by the way.