11 May 2017

The Globalists Strike Back

So far 2017 is turning out to be a very bad year. Considering how well 2016 went, it couldn’t get much worse. To go from a year when the globalist establishment was beaten at every turn (against all odds to boot!) to what we’re now seeing, is demoralising. No doubt the establishment wants this, because demoralisation is an age-old tactic of war and conquest. But is it really so surprising that globalists have managed to regroup? Not really. If anything people have become too self-assured, and this has led to complacency. Allow me to make a Star Wars comparison; if 2016 was the ending of A New Hope, if we’re ever going to have our Return of the Jedi moment, it looks we’re going to have to go through dark turmoil of The Empire Strikes Back first.

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article on this site. There are various reasons for this, although I’ve never regularly posted them because I’ve always concentrated more on videos. However, since YouTube has begun demonetising content creators, it changes the rules of the game somewhat. It makes it more difficult to justify the time and effort required to record a video, edit and upload it, when you don’t get ad revenue for views. To top it off, there’s a lot of throttling and censorship, these days. So on a week like this, when a topic isn’t necessarily jumping out at me (or doesn’t lend itself to a video, necessarily), it’s a good opportunity to write a post like this, which I should probably do more often, especially given the current issues. Mentioning the necessity to adapt to a new playing field as a content creator is also very relevant to why 2017 hasn’t been a very good year so far.

The success of 2016 was the culmination of years of alternative and independent voices building up their online platforms. So it didn’t suddenly happen overnight. People did this over many years, myself included. The quality of videos has increased significantly in that time, too. When I first started out you could get away with very low quality video and audio recorded on a webcam. Nowadays you have slick online content creators like Black Pigeon Speaks and Dave Cullen, who’ve taken the presentation of videos to a whole new level. All this adds up to an alternative and independent media that’s utterly crushing globalist propaganda outlets like CNN, MSNBC, The Guardian, and the BBC.

I could talk all day about what YouTube used to be like, and what it’s like now. What’s important in this context is that 2016 is when we saw this alternative and independent media prove that it’s much more influential than the mainstream establishment media. This turned the tide in real-world events, in ways that have never been seen in our lifetime (possibly ever). First there was Brexit, and then there was Trump’s election. This made many of us feel as though we finally had a chance to put an end to the unstoppable march of globalism.

Enter 2017. Even the inauguration of Donald Trump was a shaky affair, the mainstream media spinning the narrative that no one showed up. They immediately went on the attack after Trump was elected, with ‘fake news’ projection and spin. A very similar campaign has taken place to undermine Brexit. But with each loss globalists have obviously been refining their tactics. As a result, we haven’t been able to capitalise on the success of 2016 so far in 2017.

The globalist establishment has been nothing short of relentless – not once did they postpone their disinformation and defamation we’ve seen so many times before. In particular it’s been Russia this, Russia that, with accusations of them interfering in the US election. To this day, no ‘evidence’ has been found. Then it got worse when Trump had his travel ban lifted, due to interference from the Supreme Court. From here, slowly we began to see that it was going to be extremely difficult for Trump to achieve anything productive while in office. Worse still, it’s possible that Trump is being consumed by the very swamp he’s supposed to drain, although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction in this regard.

One example of this is whether Trump really will end up building the wall, and what it will be made of. Another is whether Trump wants to prioritise a trade deal with the EU before the UK, as he stated prior to his election. There’s evidence to suggest that such backtracking could coincide with the resurrection of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a globalist trading scam that would be a continuation of the deterioration of national sovereignty and independence, as we’ve grown to expect from such ‘deals’. We also have recent events in Syria, where Trump approved missile strikes because Assad allegedly used chemical weapons on his own people, even though he had absolutely no reason to do so. People have argued that this was more of a symbolic act than a serious show of force. But it’s still a worrying sign that he’s backtracking on his positions prior to being elected.

It’s possible that the establishment aims to isolate Trump from his base by giving the false impression that he’s betraying them. There also some positives to consider; Trump was pivotal in getting Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court, a person who has a similar respect for the constitution as his predecessor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. More recently Trump fired FBI director, James Comey, who stonewalled attempts to investigate Hillary Clinton, with toothless displays and no enforcement of subpoenas against her. Under his watch, there have also been repeated leaks from the FBI to the press. Is Trump therefore slowly but surely putting his pieces into place, for the long-term? Time will tell.

So perhaps there is a silver lining with Trump. But in Europe it’s looking even more grim. First there was the failure of Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom to win the Dutch elections. We see signs of growing hijrah in the country, with the Turkish Denk party gaining three seats. Holland is a country with a large Turkish minority, and just prior to polling day Turkey’s president Erdogen made politically charged remarks about the country, in a flagrant attempt to stir up nationalist and religious sentiment within Turks voting in the election.

Then of course there’s Marine Le Pen’s recent failure to get election, with Macron winning around 65% of the vote. This is a bigger disaster than many are prepared to admit. With the Muslim population of France easily surpassing 10%, the country has crossed the Rubicon. This is demonstrated by Islamic terrorist threats on a regular basis, and the fact that a 10% Muslim demographic always leads to internal conflict and calls for an independent Muslim state. So it’s difficult to imagine that France can not only remain stable for another 5 years, but retain its current cultural, ethnic and national identity.

If you think this is hyperbole, then take a look at this section of the Macron email leaks. It lays out a plan to manufacture a common history between North African Muslims and Europeans, as well as teach Arabic in French schools. In other words, Macron wants to perpetuate the lie that the Moors civilised southern Europe, rather than conquered and repressed it through a system of dhimmitude. This is a recurring jihadi tactic that leads to ethnic cleansing and second class citizenship of non-Muslims. Frankly, it makes me sick how this is being enabled by power mad globalists that think they can profit from it. 

It’s been done many times before, and it’s frustrating to say the least, how no one notices this pattern. Anyone the Islamic world conquers has no culture or identity, which even violates the globalist United Nations’ own definition of genocide, in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.  In particular this relates to section c; “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”. Does this sound to you like what we’re now experiencing in Europe?

Although it’s too early to write Trump off, 2017 has still been bleak so far. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been ‘black-pilled’, a term that’s becoming a popular way describe people that have taken the red-pill, but have given up fighting. I’m still fighting. I just think we need to be realistic it we reach the point where it’s clear that voting makes no difference anymore. I, and others, warned about the Leftist Globalists regrouping and fighting back, but we’ve now got solid proof of just how deeply entrenched they are within the so-called Deep State. 

Behind the curtain of elected government there’s a whole apparatus of globalism that we can’t currently affect very much. But if we get more changes like the removal of James Comey and the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, there’s still a chance we can avoid a war that comes with the realisation that government not only doesn’t represent the people, but actively works against them.


  1. I wouldn't say 2017 is starting out THAT horribly.

    Geert Wilders was never going to win. His party did make substantial gains, however, which is a good thing. The media obviously spun this as a defeat for his party, but in truth, the currently governing party was the clear loser in this election, even if they managed to hold on to power.

    As for France, Le Pen didn't win, which is a disappointment, but she did get over a third of the vote, which is noteworthy. I think it'll be interesting to see the legislative elections in June. I have a feeling the FN will capture a good chunk of the vote and win more seats than anyone expects.

    Will they win the legislative elections? I doubt it, but they'll likely form a very interesting bloc, giving the party a greater voice. I agree with the people who said the FN's biggest problem was not Marine Le Pen herself, but her last name. People think of Marine Le Pen and immediately think of her father, who was undoubtedly a bigoted asshole. While she has tried to change the party's branding, she was also stuck with people who could not separate her from her father.

    Now if the FN wins a good portion of seats in the National Assembly in June and they have a different candidate (who espouses similar views to Marine Le Pen) in the next presidential election, the FN might actually win the next round.

    While things may look bleak with Macron leading France, I think there are still reasons to hope for the "Return of the Jedi" moment.

    Remember that in Empire Strikes Back, the Empire may have had a victory, but it was small. They expended a large amount of resources to defeat the Rebels on Hoth, yet failed to crush that major rebel base and most of their assets and personnel fled successfully. They might have captured Han Solo, but failed to get Leia, a much more important piece in Rebel politics, and Vader failed to convert Luke to the Dark Side.

    Empire Strikes Back is often seen as a major victory for the Empire, but in truth, it was rather minor and inconsequential. All it accomplished was to increase the resolve of the Rebel Alliance.

    I think we have to see Wilders' and Le Pen's failures as worthy attempts to "fight the Empire" which will lead to victory in the future. We have to keep fighting and not lose hope.

    1. Thanks for your interesting thoughts. I'm not saying that 2017 is the end of the world. But at the moment the Left is gradually attacking our means of challenging them online, and this is part of the reason why things are so bad.

      A lot rides on what Trump does, and Brexit. But I'm not sure France will be able to survive another 5 years without mass Muslim agitation and violence for secession. This is where I am least optimistic.

    2. I'll agree in saying that the situation in the west doesn't look too great right now, but I think we'll just have to see what happens in the near future...

    3. I agree, Mads. We can't give up. We just can't get complacent, either. Our work is far from done.