17 August 2017

Does the Alt-Left Exist?

Since Donald Trump linked the Alt-Left to violence at the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally, the mainstream media began to parrot a typically coordinated narrative, in this case stating that the Alt-Left doesn’t exist. Well, for one, there’s an Alt-Left website, Facebook page, and subreddit, account to name a few examples of this phenomenon, so already we see that the Left are up to their old lying tricks. Although this label was far less known before Trump used it, Leftists, incapable of originality, began to use the term Alt-Left as a way to counter the Alt-Right. But whether or not the Alt-Left is violent, Antifa most definitely is. How closely the Alt-Left is associated with Antifa is a question worth asking. But since the mainstream media is determined to label the Alt-Right as exclusively made up of neo-Nazi white supremacists violent thugs, it’s tactically sound to put Antifa in the same camp as the Alt-Left because it’s a useful comparison to make, and easy for the public to latch onto.

Mainstream media constantly makes excuses for violence from the Left, and this is obviously what Trump was trying to remedy when he said there was violence “on many sides” during the rally. Whether it’s the rhetoric of Black Lives Matter being linked to the Dallas shooting of five cops, Antifa violence at Trump rallies prior to his election, or college campus disruption at Berkeley, the far-left violence is always part of the attempts to shut down free speech and peaceful assembly. The media then rushes in to blame those that are targeted, pushing the narrative that self-defence and retaliation is the same as initiating violence. Just like the Charlottesville rally, guilt by association is used to blame the Right as a whole, or anything else that contradicts the narrative and agenda of the far-left.

A Labour rally in Trafalgar Square, demonstrating that we're a
long way from realising that communism killed even more people
than Nazism.
Naturally, this blanket tarnishing doesn’t apply to the Left. They would never suggest that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is Stalinist, despite holding a rally in Trafalgar Square for far-left supporters that shamelessly displayed a banner with Stalin’s face on it. Obama wouldn’t say that Black Lives Matter is responsible for racism when their supporters use kill all whites hashtags, and shout kill all white babies. Appeals to nuance are what we get, like #NotAllMuslims after every Islamic terrorist attack, and saying that we should wait for all the facts before we jump to conclusions.

In the typical double standards and hypocrisy of the Left, this caution doesn’t apply when it comes to the Right. Despite the fact that Nazis aren’t even right-wing, everyone on the right is being blamed for the car crash in Charlottesville that led to one death and nineteen injuries. Brexit was blamed for the murder of Jo Cox. It’s immediately called a terrorist attack when Darren Osborne runs over people at the Finsbury Park Mosque. We also have ‘hate crimes’ that lead to harsher sentences if you attack certain kinds of people, and these people consistently get lighter sentences if they commit the crimes against others, such as light sentences for Muslim men that rape.

And yet when Donald Trump appeals for nuance when condemning the violence of Charlottesville, the media flip out in the most incredible display of hypocrisy and dishonesty you’d care to witness. It’s been infuriating to behold the way that mainstream politicians and journalists are quick to suggest that Antifa are not comparable to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Theresa May said that "I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them”. This is a strawman, since equating those that oppose fascism with Antifa is profoundly dishonest, or at the very least ignorant (at which acknowledge do we conclude that this is deliberate, rather than some sort of naivety?). Antifa are a far-left front group that hide behind the fa├žade of being anti-fascist, even as they employ the very totalitarian tactics that Nazis employ.

What we’re seeing now is history repeating itself, with Weimar style street clashes between two rival forms of socialism. Both are prepared to go to any lengths to take power, and those stuck in the middle will increasingly be marginalised or forced to pick a side. If the Prime Minister is this ignorant of political history and philosophy, then she’s unfit to lead the UK. That said, I don’t think she’s naive. This is part of the narrative and agenda that has been called Alt-Left by Donald Trump. It’s a hangover of World War Two, where communism has been getting a free pass by intellectuals and elites that have done nothing but make excuses for communism, pushing us to the place we now find ourselves, where everyone’s a Nazi if they disagree with neo-Marxist ideology.

Another example of a mainstream British politician chiming in on the Charlottesville controversy, in the manner I’ve described, comes from my part of the world in Wales. Leanne Wood, leader of the Maoist front group, Plaid Cymru, had the gall to publicly post this:

Just imagine if someone posted a meme that played on the skin colour of black people, or any other non-white ethnicity! This demonstrates how racism is just a club to beat white people with, selectively enforcing where racial epithets are offensive and accepted. Somehow it’s alright to refer to the skin colour of white people as “vanilla”, while simultaneously suggesting that the actions of fringe white supremacists are on a par with a terrorist organisation that’s caused bloodshed on a mass scale. #NotAllMuslims would be the response here, as we’ve grown accustomed to.

You’d think that a far-left politician like Leanne Wood is capable of understanding how neo-Nazis and white supremacists co-opt and subvert the Right, since these are the same tactics Communists use, much like the way her party tries to subvert Welsh independence with Maoism. Obviously I’m being facetious – someone like Leanne Wood knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s only pretending that this co-option is representative of the Right as a whole because it serves her political agenda. She won’t tell you that the Right are individualist and the Left are collectivists, just like their Nazi cousins. I doubt she has the political knowledge and intellectual honesty to come to that conclusion, though.

But just when you thought Leanne Wood couldn’t be more disingenuous, she posts this in the comment section of the above post:

Here we see how Leanne Wood plays into the narrative of Antifa being different to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, and akin to those fighting on the beaches of Normandy. In reality, World War Two would never have happened if Europe hadn’t become a hotbed for totalitarian leftist ideologies fighting for supremacy. First this led to the Weimar clashes in Germany. Then it led to both Germany and the Soviet Union invading European countries like Finland and Poland. And finally it led to the Allies having no choice but to side with the Communists, and we’ve been suffering the consequences of that decision ever since, starting with the Cold War and Eastern European countries being lost behind the Iron Curtain, and culminating in the crimes of communism being covered up in the same fashion as the crimes of Antifa today.

Make no mistake; if we get to the point that leftist purges begin in Western countries (and it’s becoming more likely by the day) apologists will report that it’s justified, as we’ve seen in the past. This enabling of violence has already begun, “punch a Nazi” for example. Who can be classified as a Nazi? Anyone that isn’t far-left, of course. When this leads to the familiar humanitarian disaster we’re used to when the Left is in charge, their crimes against humanity are covered up and blamed on the Right, just like the way that Stalinism isn’t real communism, or leftists are slowly backing away from the nightmare in Venezuela. As ever, they’ll then revise history by calling this fascism. But have these fanatics ever stopped to consider that the reason the end result of communism looks like so much like fascism is because their ideology is so similar?

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  1. Nice stuff. Been seeing a lot of memes getting posted around of "our Christian, homosexual disliking Antifa grandfathers" compared to their "atheist, homosexual worshipping Antifa descendants."