31 August 2017

My Struggle to Remain Motivated When Censored

I’m currently experiencing a bit of a crisis – I’m struggling to motivate myself when YouTube’s
censorship has become so severe. For years I’ve wondered how my channel doesn’t take off in the same way as others, but now that YouTube has become more brazen in its censorship, this is becoming clear. So many people have said to me that my channel should be bigger, and in over 6 years of my channel’s life, I’m consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to breaking new ground online and making predictions. I’m always true to what’s right and factual, meaning that I’m very likely to annoy people, therefore slowing down my online growth. But there’s more to my current predicament than that;  we’ve reached a point where YouTube is so blatantly burying videos that covering certain topics verges on a waste of time and energy when your efforts struggle to reach even 3-4000 views.

I suppose this post is going to be more about personal therapy than anything else. But I really hope that many of my supporters read this because it’ll give you a glimpse into my state of mind during a very difficult time. I sincerely believe that we’ve all but reached a rubicon that we won’t be able to come back from. This means that you, my supporters, and all those that support political expression online, need to be committed to a fight that’s going to force us to adapt to a very repressive climate. Anyway, allow me to move on.

So how exactly is my channel ahead of the curve? Before it was trendy to criticise feminism, the first ever videos I made were doing just that. Even during the earliest parts of my YouTube channel from late 2010 onwards, and when I was still more left-wing, I was critiquing feminism, and it wasn’t long before I came across the root of feminism – cultural Marxism. Back in 2011 barely anyone used the term or talked about this, but I was making videos about cultural Marxism when there wasn’t much out there on this topic. This was the journey that led me towards libertarianism and being right-wing. At this time, Stefan Molyneux was breaking new ground into libertarianism online, so I’m not going to pretend I was breaking boundaries here. But back then he was generally sticking to familiar libertarian talking points and presenting them to the new audience that was forming on YouTube, although Stefan put his own spin on this philosophy, especially in relation to the application of the non-aggression principle to the family.

So as I discovered more about leftist ideology, I was also becoming ever more supportive of libertarianism and men’s rights. In 2012 this came to a head when the website, A Voice For Men, started to be infiltrated by neo-Marxists trying to subvert men’s rights, and I was the first to warn people that this was happening, although I was soon joined by my good friend, Bernard Chapin. They eventually succeeded in destroying the movement, but it was of little consequence because, by the time this took place, GamerGate had begun and a wider awakening was happening. Aside from clashes with oxymoronic leftist MRAs advocating leftist ideology in all but name (typical leftist subversion), I was also gaining a lot of negative attention from MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way).

Once again, I was at the forefront of the warnings about what was happening to ‘The Manosphere’ when I identified that the leftist influence of men’s rights was also infecting MGTOW, who became the most radical arm of this infiltration. Around a year or so after I identified MGTOW as a cult, as virtually a lone voice in the wilderness, many others began noticing this cult-like behaviour, constantly labelling all women as inherent oppressors of men, and their attacks on anyone that disagreed or understood the importance of marriage and mother-father parenting as the foundation of society. These nihilists didn’t care about the future – they just wanted to silence threats to their narrative, just like any other leftist radicals do. They want Rome to burn, and use the cover of bachelorhood to promote a marriage strike modelled on the agenda and theories that Marx and Engels had about the family.

In the same vein, even before Stefan Molyneux would talk about the dangers of single motherhood, I made a video about this in June 2011. Stefan Molyneux didn’t really touch on this subject much at that time, although later on he often would. Similarly, r/K selection is something I addressed in 2013. Anonymous Conservative didn’t even release his renowned book until 2014, and Stefan Molyneux didn’t start talking about this until not long after this book was available.

I was less certain about Brexit, but I publicly noted that polls were oddly weighted, and therefore there was a chance the leave side could win if the votes were legitimately counted. I was all but certain about Trump winning, despite the pundits and polls, believing that this was linked to a nationalist/right-wing awakening in the West, with Brexit being the starting point. As such, I predicted Trump’s presidency even before he won the primaries, back in February 2016. Some might comment on my prediction that Labour was doomed under Corbyn, but the only reason Corbyn’s Labour is even remotely successful is because he’s being propped up by establishment sabotage of right-wing politics in Britain, along with derailing the process to leave the EU.

I’m not mentioning my record because I’m blowing my own trumpet. I'm just demonstrating that I provide content on a par with the bigger players. Yes, I think my channel should be bigger than it is as a result, like many have told me. But I also know that you have to conform to a certain community narrative to gain the most success. But I won’t put success and popularity ahead of an honest pursuit of the truth. I could give many more examples of how this takes place, not least questioning the born this way myth, gay marriage and gay parenting, not to mention the link between sexual deviancy and adverse childhood experiences. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many people that stay within the boundaries of acceptable community narrative, or backtrack when they fear a backlash from their audience, whilst I’ve ridden so many backlashes over the years that I’m known as someone that won’t let this stop me broaching a subject. The pursuit of truth is what matters the most to me, and I know this comes at a price. I also know that this is what my supporters respect about me, even if this support is far less than bigger online commentators.

But how does this also relate to YouTube censorship? Because this has allowed YouTube to throttle the growth of my channel for years, whereas bigger channels that play it safer are able to grow so rapidly that this doesn’t work. Once your channel passes a certain level of success then the only thing that can really stop this is outright banning and censorship. Meanwhile, my channel can just be throttled with every stage of its growth, because this is far steadier. Although my channel could never be as successful as someone like Sargon of Akkad, Dave Cullen, or Styxhexenhammer, my channel should definitely be quite a bit larger than it is. If I was going to estimate, I’d say I should have over 50,000 YouTube subscribers by now.

As you can see, I’m a victim of my own integrity. Perhaps some YouTubers will be quite offended by the idea that they shy away from certain subjects because it will harm their popularity, but I’m afraid this is what I see, over and over again. I won’t reference examples to demonstrate this because I’m not interested in starting flame wars, but I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most of these people mean well and have a lot to offer. But when I look back at my life, it’s this integrity that’s cost me success over and over again. I’m not going to go into more detail about this here, but it’s a lesson I learnt early on in life, and it’s stuck with me.

To bring this in line with my present predicament, since I’ve come back from my two week summer break, YouTube has tightened the screws on my channel so much that I’m back down to 2-3000 views in one week for new uploads, at which point the video will slowly gain views over time. I’ve been kept at this point for years, and it coincides with approximately 50 new subscribers per week. Every time my channel experiences a surge, the suppression increases before it starts to gain momentum. Some videos, like those involving Islam, are suppressed so much that they gain views at a snail’s pace. Each time the screws are tightened on my channel I up my game and try to put more effort into my content, but I’m reaching the point where I can’t give any more at this time in my life.

In light of recent censorship online, I realise now that a channel like my own can never really achieve significant success, even on Vidme, that’s already suppressing the reach of political content. As much as YouTube might generically target certain online content, when you’re someone like me, who always comes down on the conservative side of an issue, from race, immigration and sexuality, to climate change, Christianity, and free market economics, you’re not going to be able to grow fast enough to get around censorship and throttling, especially the level we’re now experiencing.

What does this mean for my future online? Being able to do this is as much about personal therapy as it is fighting for a tomorrow that, as a father, I very much care about. But unless I can bypass the growing censorship, I’m less certain about this than ever. Over the years, very few of the larger platforms and channels have promoted me, due to some of the reasons I’ve already touched upon, and it seems to me that cross-promotion is one reason that some people are more popular than others online. All things considered, it’s inevitable that smaller platforms like my own will be throttled out of existence because they don’t have the audience to counter traffic manipulation. This means that the future will only involve bigger voices online, and this lack of choice will only lead to an ever growing echo chamber.


  1. You know, I've noticed your low subscriber number for years and am truly mystified that your channel hasn't taken off. I don't even think that your commentary is particularly inflammatory or controversial. I've seen far more potentially objectionable, "right leaning" things on youtube and they still seem to be getting views and subscribers. Plus, their channels aren't anywhere near as good as yours. I'm wondering if your contentious relationship with some of the leftist bloggers has provoked some sort of "cyber sabotage" of your channel. Someone may know someone who knows someone who found a way to fuck with your channel. I've been hacked in ways that I never though possible. More than once. So, you may want to look into that cuz I don't see how you don't have more subs. I'd be willing that something like that is possible.

    Like yourself, I'm very concerned about the future, I'm of the belief that we're living in historic times. Reading the ridiculous twitter posts of brainless, Bernie sanders supporting Millennials is shocking. I've even thought of starting a channel of my own. We need as many voices out there as possible. Keep the faith brother. You're doing important work. It's people like all of us who are going to save the west.

    1. Thanks for your words of positivity and support. It's entirely possible that some sort of "cyber sabotage" is taking place with my channel. But I think it's likely to be taking place inside Google. For whatever reason, my channel is seen as a threat by the SJWs that are now exposed within the company, and they're suppressing my channel more than most others.

    2. Yea it does seem odd. I know a girl who has 100k subs yet she wasn't seeming to get hardly any views. I've heard of many irregularities reported among other bloggers. All I know is that the left NEVER sleeps. We on the right need to be equally committed.

  2. well...to give you some insight, I happened upon SM & Joseph Watson having a joint discussion... by pure fluke. They became my favourites...and still are right up there. Then I found Stix666 when he was gassing on about the Euro and Europe. I wondered if there was any UK equivalent and it was not immediately found. But then I found you and being a loyal Brit and a patriot, I regularly send you lolly via Patron. Your work is 1st Class and very punchy....but not "offensive"..unless you are allergic to facts and history. In which case the "Liberals" who are far from liberal as they have morphed into SJW's will find your work "offensive". The one you did about the Gay Agenda is something I was aware of. Its like rising damp...or should I say "dry Rot". you don't know about either until its becomes an infestation. Probably like most people, what Bill and James get up to in private is their own business, but, when the gay agenda get rammed down our collective throats (pun intended) you begin to realise that its a movement that seeks to normalise fetish lifestyles. In the USA there was outrage at a school where they were teaching very young children (under 10) about Trannies etc. And yes....they say "watch the tide and not the waves". The leftist agenda is the tide. We can only make waves as this seems to be the natural drift which needs to be fought. But the BIG ONE? ISLAM. Its is totally incompatible with Western Civilisation. Its is a political totalitarian ideology with a cult glued on the side. If you extract the "faith" out of Islam it has all of the hallmarks of Nazism and it represents a danger to our country. This ideology benefits from PROTECTED STATUS and in the political arena it is seeking, via the UN to institute Blasphemy Laws on a global basis. Robert Spencer gave a speech a few days ago where he reported that one of the Heads of FB went to Islamabad for a pow-pow. This was only reported in a Pakistani newspaper. Reason? Pakistan want FB to censor and suppress any negative comment about Islam, Muslims or their Prophet. You should deffo watch it as its very very scary what it going on at high levels.


    This crosses the line in terms of the 1st Amendment, but, as we know, there is a considerable amount of dubious shenanigans going on with FANGS (Facebook, Apple, Netflix & Google). There are 1.4b Muslims so they are bowing to Islam to secure this business. These monopolies need to be broken up as they are utilities and their are discussions going on to address this. They have more power than Governments. I bet MZ runs for President. He will know when too. The data they have on people and sentiment is massive. Keep on punching buddy. Very best

  3. Maybe eventually you will have to do pod casts like Ann Barnhardt. Hope you keep plugging away Rocky. Your presentation and material are a treat to look forward to.

  4. Well your "lookership" has recently risen by one. Please keep up the fine standard of your work.

    1. Thanks for the comments, words of encouragement and support, gents.