11 March 2019

The Pseudoscience of Evolution

Demonstrating that the theory of evolution cannot stand up to scrutiny because it's actually a form of pseudoscientific dogma.


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  1. Look at you Rocky. I am glad to see someone is speaking out against this damn Darwin's Monkey Religion and secular humanist heresy. It is not on most people's radar as to the incredible damage it has done to our society. It has been forced down the throats of school students since the early 60's when the US began requiring it in school as science when in actuality it is a damn revival of ancient Dagon fish god worship. Being in academia, I have studied evolution for years. Few people think about Darwin when Nazism, Communism, and Marxism come up, but he inspired Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and all other despots of the world. It was Darwin's theory that gave them the impetus and rationalization to murder millions as subhuman.

    I actually have a high school biology book by Holt that reads, and I kid you not, "you share a common heritage with earthworms". These over-educated morons actually have the gall to print something that insipid and ridiculous and call it science.

    So, at the same time Evolution began being required in school, God, Jesus, prayer, and the Bible were removed (in the early 60's). Almost immediately, the Frankfurt School rejoiced. It was a perfect storm of Satan's handy work all at once. The SCOTUS's damage to society was almost immediately visible: skyrocketing divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births, drugs, the counterculture, sexual revolution, industrialized abortion, and on and on.
    So, are we to be surprised when a young man takes a rifle and kills 20 students in school?. After all, it is merely natural selection at work.

    That's what the Columbine shooters said. One wore a t-shirt that read "Natural Selection" and his father was a heathen evolutionist geology teacher. The strong eating the weak and culling the herd. Who cares?. We just evolved from a rock 4.5 billion years ago and there is no God or purpose, so what gives them the right to arrest anyone for doing what comes natural?. Besides, if there is no God where did they get the idea that murder is against the law and shouldn't be carried out in our society?.

    Good man...keep up the work.