02 September 2019

Coming of the Antichrist

What does the Bible say about the Antichrist, and are there signs that this entity is coming soon?


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  1. Mr E, What are your thoughts on the feet of iron and clay in Daniel's statue being Rome[The West, prostituted Christianity, and the Whore as their representative] and Israel [Kabbalistic Judaism]?

    Shaking my head productions produced a montage the other day, 70 Nation conference; wherein he shows how the Vatican [The West], Israel and some major Islamic nations are signing up to be one. I know many Muslims and even Catholics would loose their pip on this, and I think that this is what will cause great bloodshed everywhere.

    The SDA church has long said the feet of iron and clay is church and state craft coming [back] together, this however would be strange when one considers that the rest of the body represent different beasts(kingdoms/nations). They would still be right though, as Rome would represent state craft, and Israel church craft.

    Also the leaders will sign up to it, but the people of these different nations/ideologies/kingdoms will revolt, hence the iron and clay not holding together.

    More so, this would seem to be a repeat of the times when Jesus was on earth.

    What are your thoughts?