13 January 2021

Ever Stricter Lockdown Enforcement | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me live, as I cover the ever stricter enforcement of lockdown rules in the UK, with fines and other forms of coercion being continually introduced.


UK police use drones and roadblocks to enforce lockdown

Patel says lockdown rules are clear as UK records 1,243 more coronavirus deaths

Police 'are told to fine Covid rule-breakers after just ONE verbal warning' as three officers 'arrest a woman for sitting on a bench' and another is surrounded for 'leaving her house more than once'

Sainsbury’s and Morrisons enforce mask-wearing in their supermarkets

Police who fined two women £200 for socially-distanced country walk are slammed by ex-chief constable who says 'if police don't act fairly, public won't comply'

Matt Hancock says every 'flex' of lockdown rules could be fatal

Coronavirus UK: Expert blast Boris for 'no clear strategy' over 'unrealistic' lockdowns

Nicola Sturgeon announces SIX strict new coronavirus rules for Scotland lockdown

Thousands of Britons who have received their Covid jab 'will be offered a vaccine passport' in trial taking place this month – as EU considers plan to bring them in for travel across Europe

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