25 January 2021

What Will Happen Under the Biden Presidency?

Commentary and predictions about what to expect under a Joe Biden presidency, particularly in relation to lockdowns, Kamala Harris, Trump's impeachment, and foreign wars.


Biden takes office: Inauguration day in pictures

Biden inauguration: Who was there - and how the crowd compares with Trump's ceremony

List of United States presidential elections by popular vote margin

Trump/Biden/Obama Meme

Joe Biden promises 100 million shots of vaccine in his first 100 days but says Congress MUST put more cash into distribution to avoid major delays - and promises plan to reopen schools but pleads for 100 days of mask-wearing

WHO Changes CCP Virus Test Criteria in Attempt to Reduce False Positives

At least 28 dead, 73 wounded as two bombs strike market in Baghdad

Can Donald Trump Run for President in 2024 if He's Impeached Again?

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