Rocking Philosophy was born out of a philosophical journey to question and explore the nature of truth. It has led to the realisation that the world is not as it seems, and people are being conditioned to deny reality. Whether it's the rejection of objective truths that exist in nature, or denial of unalienable freedoms that stem from causality and free will, this is part of a bigger deception to enslave and prevent humanity from becoming more enlightened.

In particular, this deception involves a false dichotomy of left and right that stops people from seeing what this truly represents. It also involves brainwashing the masses into embracing moral degeneracy that leads to slavery.

You could say that Rocking Philosophy upholds socially/fiscally conservative and economically liberal values, and is firmly on the right-hand path of natural law. But none of these labels and terms make any sense in the current world we live in, because everything has been deliberately muddled. It is my aim to provide clarity in the face of this confusion, by helping people learn about the nature of freedom and truth, even as I learn about this myself.

I hope that you will join me, as I continue on this journey.

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