17 June 2019

Eternal Nature of Christ

Did Christ always exist, or is he a created being with a special place alongside God the Father?

13 June 2019

Lessons From Calhoun's Mouse Utopia | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream I ask what lessons we can learn from the mouse utopia experiments of John B.Calhoun. What parallels can be drawn to modern society?

10 June 2019

06 June 2019

The Next Round of the Adpocalypse is Here | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for a livestream about the inevitable next round of the YouTube adpocalypse, triggered by Carlos Maza of Vox Media demanding that Steven Crowder be demonetised.

03 June 2019

Changing the Bible - How Scripture Was Altered

How has the Bible been altered? What impression of Christianity is being promoted by adding, changing or removing from scripture?