09 July 2020

Co-Option of the Karen Meme | Rocking Philosophy Live

The Karen meme became a popular way to mock women that harass people about social distancing. In this livestream, I explain how the Left co-opted this momentum for their propaganda about racism, and how this is a common tactic they employ.

06 July 2020

‘New Normal’ of Virtual Reality

How will 'the new normal', introduced during lockdowns, move us gradually towards virtual reality as a means to escape from misery?

02 July 2020

Another Round of Purges

Addressing another round of purges on big tech sites, as our time runs out for moving to alternatives.

29 June 2020

Social Distancing Us Into Slavery

As lockdowns 'open up', I delve into what is happening with 'the new normal' of social distancing everywhere we go.

25 June 2020

What Black Lives Matter Believe | Rocking Philosophy Live

Livestream that covers what Black Lives Matter believe, taken from their very own website. Also covers how this ties into the tactics of this neo-Marxist front group.