19 August 2019

The Whore of Babylon

How does the Whore of Babylon tie into end times prophecy in the Bible? Who or what is this entity?

15 August 2019

Did Baby Boomers Ruin Everything? | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream, I ask whether the baby boomer generation laid the groundwork for the social and economic mess we now see around us, and whether they're generally incapable of taking responsibility for what they've done.

12 August 2019

Globalism or Duginism

What is the true nature of Duginism? How are we forced to choose between this ideology and globalism, as we're herded towards extreme reactions to political problems?

08 August 2019

Response to Jay Dyer | Rocking Philosophy Live

Response to Jay Dyer's attempt to refute my arguments against the Trinity, by hiding behind over 3 hours of typical Neoplatonic sophistry that undermines the true message and clarity of scripture.

05 August 2019

Duginism - Scapegoat or Legitimate Threat?

Has Duginism gone largely unnoticed, until it's become a seamless part of the right? What is this ideology, and who is Aleksandr Dugin, the man responsible for creating it?