10 December 2018

Lawful Rebellion & Brexit

As Brexit is betrayed by the establishment, what recourse do the British people have? Are they legally allowed to act outside the democratic system when it's broken?

03 December 2018

Derailing Brexit

A very frank video about how Brexit has been derailed, because people foolishly trusted the establishment. Also explaining that there will be no democratic way out of the EU if we continue on the present trajectory, and that time is running out!

26 November 2018

The Synagogue of Satan

Why does the Bible reference a synagogue of Satan and false Jews? How does this tie into modern Jewish identity, and the forgotten Jews that founded Christianity?

19 November 2018

The Politics of Israel

What can the politics of Israel tell us about Jewish identity, and is this really as homogeneous as some suggest?

12 November 2018

Exploring Jewish Identity

Why is there so much confusion about Jewish identity? In this video I explore this question, and explain why Jewish identity is so often misunderstood, especially by those that paint all Jews with one broad brush.