23 June 2021

WEF Cyber Attack Warning | Rocking Philosophy Live

The World Economic Forum has once again been running scenarios about an impending crisis, this time in the form of a cyber attack. Is this another 'prediction' about what's to come, which we should take seriously?

21 June 2021

Why Men Have Failed

Have men been conditioned to go along with the cultural decline of society by being distracted with 'things'?

16 June 2021

'Freedom Day' Delayed | Rocking Philosophy Live

So-called Freedom Day in the UK has been delayed for four weeks - no surprise to anyone that understands what's going on in the 'new normal'. Join me as I break down the absurdity and naivety of anyone that still doesn't see the true purpose of lockdowns.

09 June 2021

No Liberties for the Unvaccinated | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream I cover the predictable erosion of civil liberties for the unvaccinated, as people like Tony Blair and Ryan-Mark Parsons endorse a system that gives more freedoms to the vaccinated.