10 April 2019

How We're Led Down the Tree of Death | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for a livestream about the way individuals and society are manipulated towards self-destruction, by those practicing kabbalah occultism.

08 April 2019

Occulting the Bible – How Scripture Was Kept From the Masses

Learn how we went from scripture being kept from the masses, to where we now have to figure out which version of the Bible isn't corrupted.

04 April 2019

My Take On Leaving Neverland | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for this livestream, as I give my thoughts on the deeply disturbing Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland. What does it mean when Michael Jackson has repeatedly been able to avoid justice in the face of so much damning evidence?

01 April 2019

Karl Marx the Satanist

Was Karl Marx really an atheist, or was he a Satanist that wanted to create hell on earth?

28 March 2019