11 February 2019

The Religion of Evolution

Learn how evolution is religious thinking, hidden behind pseudo-science known as scientism. Why do proponents of this theory try to shut people down with mockery, false equivalences and censorship?

07 February 2019

Returning to Christianity | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me live as I address the question that many have asked me to answer; how did I return to Christianity after turning away from my childhood faith, becoming an atheist? What steps did I go through to come full circle?

04 February 2019

Rationally Questioning Evolution

Questioning the rationality of evolution, and whether it's as solid as mainstream science suggests. How realistic is this theory, and is it statistically likely that life evolved?

31 January 2019

Uniting the Right | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me live as I discuss how to unite the Right, under basic standards of morals and objectives, so we no longer have to endure the subversion and internal strife that comes with virtually no standards at all.

28 January 2019

Proving God Exists

How do we prove that God exists, and why is Christianity the most logical religion? The limits of science cannot answer such questions, as this video demonstrates.