21 October 2019

Collectivism, Individualism & Leftist Language Manipulation

What are the origins of the words collectivism and individualism?How does this reveal that we be extremely mindful about leftist manipulation of language?

17 October 2019

US Leaves Syria - Turkey On Thin Ice?

The US finally leaves Syria, thanks to Donald Trump, but is Turkey on thin ice, as it continues to manipulate other countries for its own benefit?

14 October 2019

History & Immorality of the Welfare State

An examination of the history of the welfare state, alongside the immoral influence this has on society.

10 October 2019

Joker: Why Do SJWs & Critics Hate It?

What is it about Joker that critics and SJWs hate, and why is it so controversial? Listen to my analysis, alongside my philosophical interpretation of this movie.

07 October 2019

Scientific Socialist Dictatorship (& 5 Steps That Take Us There)

What is scientific socialism? How is scaremongering being used to usher in a scientific socialist dictatorship.