29 July 2011

Misandry Rising

The Norway attacks have sparked serious tensions between the left and right of Youtube, and unfortunately men’s rights activists have been directly accused of spreading the type of far right ideology that was present in the manifesto of Anders Breivik. Bernard Chapin was the first to inform me of a hateful article against MRA’s in his video:

The article is an inflammatory accusation against MRA’s claiming that they mirror Breivik’s views because he felt that Cultural Marxism is detrimental to Western society. But Breivik’s philosophical views align with a number of things, not least an association with Masonic lodges, a belief that multiculturalism is harming Western society, and a very close link to Neo-Nazism.

Before the accusations really start flying it’s important to fully understand the background of Scandinavia, a region of the world that would have everyone believe it is a model of civility. Scandinavia’s past is steeped in Nazism, though later it abandoned its largely Christian right wing politics by swinging to the left. During World War Two Scandinavia had a strange relationship with Germany, with Sweden claiming neutrality, though continuing to supply them with iron, while Denmark supplied them with butter and herrings. Finland was actually an ally of Germany, while Norway had its own fascist government after Germany invaded in 1940.

All four Scandinavian countries provided large numbers of volunteers for the 5th SS Panzer (Viking) Division, which was particularly feared. The characteristic blonde hair and blue eyes often associated with Scandinavians was welcomed by Nazis due to the Aryan stereotype that Hitler elevated, and Nazism is still alive and well in the growing Neo-Nazi culture of this region today. It is not unusual for Neo-Nazi violence to occur in Scandinavia, and it appears that this movement is growing.

From as early as 1934 sterilisation was conducted in Sweden. Sweden sterilised as many as 62,000 people until it ended its program in 1975, more than any other European country, including Nazi Germany. Finland also sterilised more people per capita than any other Nordic country and Sweden’s programme targeted the mentally ill and deviant. While sterilisation was allegedly voluntary some 30,000 to 62,000 were sterilised under some form of pressure or coercion. As was common with other eugenics based “cleansing” it was deemed that mental and physical health was linked to race or ethnicity, but Sweden denied that it conducted its eugenics program on these grounds. Regardless, this is another factor that shows just how deep Scandinavia’s Nazi similarities actually go, despite the fact that this region of the world tries very hard to hide this.

Another important factor to note is that Hitler’s rise to power was on the back of National Socialism, and this also relates to the common link of Scandinavia and Socialist politics. People often assume that Hitler was not linked to Socialism because he was a far-right white extremist, but authoritarian governments regularly use socialist programmes and corporatism to attain power, turning the increased influence of the state against its citizens. Scandinavia mirrors this, with a highly centralised government and strong socialist programmes that tax the citizen heavily, redistributing people’s earnings based on welfare schemes like childcare. Corporations are lightly taxed, and in return keep people in line on behalf of the state.

Many claim that Scandinavia is one of the least corrupt places on Earth. But anyone who digs a little deeper will realise how untrue this is, and just how intrusive the Scandinavian states are on people’s lives. The whole Julian Assange debacle has publicly revealed how Sweden’s legal system is not easy to challenge, while Sweden is accused of attempting to unfairly trial Assange via Radical Feminist rape laws that allows a woman to accuse a man of rape if he has unprotected sex with her. Sweden’s social services have been regularly accused of taking children from parents unjustly, and it is clear that Sweden makes a lot of profit via this system. My video here addresses this problem:

Today Scandinavia has tried to turn its back on its Nazi past while latching onto a new extreme – Cultural Marxism. It appears that Scandinavians can do nothing without unquestioningly flipping from one far side of the political spectrum to the other, and this would indicate why it finds itself in growing conflict with the ideology it was linked to for decades - Nazism.

The homogenous culture of Scandinavia is the most logical reason for Scandinavians being so inclined to blindly follow authority, and it appears they have fallen pray to this yet again. You can guarantee that if there is a new pioneering programme, based on the flimsy evidence of critical theory, that Scandinavians will be in the thick of it, like the recent gender neutral school case. Feminism is dominant in this region of the world, with women’s studies and gender theory taken extremely seriously. Immigration has also aggravated Neo-Nazism, and the left-right paradigm is becoming ever more volatile.

It seems leftists have, and no doubt will continue, to use the awful Norwegian disaster as an excuse to pin blame on men’s rights activists, without actually studying the background of Scandinavia. No doubt more cries of denial regarding the existence of Cultural Marxism will ensue. But Cultural Marxism is very real, and certainly has its own agenda, as can be seen by the melting pot of unrest that has been caused by Scandinavia’s relationship with the extreme left and right.

One other thing to note is that the accusations of Evangelical Christianity in the MRA is completely unfounded given that many are Atheists, and major MRA’s Paul Elam and Johntheother are good examples of this. I myself am also an Atheist. So this link to Breivik is just more unfounded mud slinging. But for those of you who think men’s rights support and statist opposition is going to go away thanks to these typical PC tactics, then be warned, for I have plenty of compelling research to use for upcoming material, spurred on by bigots living in a bubble of accusatory denial.

This is RockingMrE – over and out!

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