12 August 2011

Female Privilege

I am unable to keep up with the sheer volume of misandric issues that regularly occur within Western society. The density of these cases would mean that my Youtube channel and blog would be dedicated to this if I attempted to do so, and there are simply too many other matters I would like to address. But here I wish to talk about the rampant female privilege in today's world, and how we have reached a point in Western society where not only are women given special allowances, but they also mock the system that has given them the very freedom they could have never had without the sacrifice of men. Let’s start with this:

This video presents the recent case where a man had his penis cut off by his wife, who then threw it in the waste disposal. When asked why she did this she said it was because her husband wanted a divorce. As if this wasn’t enough a group of women on a daytime female-centric chat show then laughed and joked about the situation. Sharon Osborne was among the women, and particularly insensitive in her mockery. But what’s more is that the end of the above video shows the apology aired after complaints, though once again, Sharon Osborne’s attitude was less than compassionate, and the consequences of the women involved was far less than that of any man if the roles were reversed. The example used by several people on Youtube involves turning the situation around to men laughing at a woman who had her breast cut off in a similar manner. What would be the consequences of men laughing at this?

As the video above demonstrates it is obvious that women know that the privilege they have attained in society allows them to laugh in the faces of men, and face little to no resistance by society. Obviously men do have to take responsibility for the fact that chivalry has taken away their ability to act against this type of injustice because they are basically programmed to be protectors and providers of women, thus sacrificing themselves for their loved ones.

Women on the other hand have been programmed to get men to provide for them, and of course their young. But as Feminism has transformed society it appears that women are often incapable of seeing that they are still attempting to get anyone and anything that will bow to their whims to provide for them, be it the state or men. Seeing as men are often still incapable of thinking of anyone but the women they have evolved to protect this shows how women’s liberation has not set men free from their traditional gender role, despite what Feminists may say.

A case that demonstrates how men are ignored by society is that of Thomas Ball, who burnt himself to death outside a courthouse after he was forced to endlessly fight against his ex-wife to see his children. Little press attention was given to this story, despite the drastic manner in which Ball ended his life, sending a letter to a local newspaper beforehand. But the media seemed more interested in the fact that Ball hit his daughter after she repeatedly refused to listen to him, this being the catalyst for a whole series of events leading to his suicide by self-immolation.

Ball ended up at risk of jail time for being unable to pay for child support amounting to $3000. A criminal record would have certainly led to great difficulty in his struggle to find employment, especially within the backdrop of a shrinking economy. This all eventually became too much for him to bear, his final desperate act being an attempt to show how much the family courts ignore men.

Female privilege is also easy to see when we refer to the drama surrounding Rebecca Watson, an Atheist blogger, Youtuber, and podcast presenter. While being on the panel alongside Richard Dawkins at an Atheist convention in Ireland, she felt it was important to bring up alleged sexism within the Atheist community. The video below demonstrates how her complaints were basically based around e-mails she’d received:

As if this wasn’t enough she then made a complaint about a man in an elevator with her at 4am on the evening of the convention. Shockingly he asked if she would like to come for a coffee in his room, also asking her not to take it the wrong way, and saying that he found her interesting. Rebecca moaned about this on Youtube, and even Richard Dawkins felt the need to point out how petty she was being with a comment left on one of her online posts. I have to ask whether it would have made any difference how this man would have approached Watson. If he had done it in public, like the hotel foyer, then I imagine she would have still felt “objectified”. I also suspect that Watson was around other people all night, and that to avoid the embarrassment of being turned down in public the man in question took the opportunity to proposition her in the privacy of the elevator.

But instead of critics considering the culture of women having the sexual advantage, where men still have to do much of the work when attaining female attention, many suggested that the man was creepy and sexist. Well Watson, maybe you should try being a man some time. It’s not easy propositioning women, unless you develop a really thick skin for rejection that is. Maybe women should ask themselves if they truly are sexually liberated if they can’t brush off casual advances, or whether the truth is that women are sexually privileged in deciding which propositions are acceptable, while expecting men to read women’s minds. But then again, I think this comes down to women holding all the cards, as usual.

Another example of female privilege is the case where an RAF soldier was only awarded 16k for losing his hand, while a female RAF employee was awarded 484k for a typing injury. This perfectly exemplifies the disposability of men alongside women in our culture, and how women attain privilege thanks to the mindset of female victimhood, instead of true female empowerment and responsibility. There was another case where a man was forced to pay child support to a woman who used his sperm in an IVF clinic after they separated. This amounted to 100k despite the fact that the clinic was tricked into using the man’s sperm without his consent. But still the court ruled in the woman’s favour, forcing the man to pay towards the son and daughter he knew nothing about.

It truly is an uphill struggle to open the eyes of chivalrous men and privileged women. Many will use the same old arguments about self-actualisation, and that men need to organise themselves. But for those of us who do try to “self-actualise” we are faced with the political correct vice of character assassinations and a legal system that is against us every step of the way. An attempt to shut down AVfM Radio, which thankfully failed, also shows how the opinions of men are not only denied in the mainstream media, but in any sphere where women have the power to play the victim card. This is certainly not what occurs in a system that elevates true gender equality, let alone freedom of speech. But as long as there is breath in my lungs I will help to create a world where men and women are held equally responsible for their actions.

This is RockingMrE – over and out!


  1. I feel so indignated for the fake apology, the program must be cancelled, do you know if there is any movement or campaing in support for that ?

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  3. Oh, you are welcome men. Thanks for the complain form, I'm going to use it.

  4. very nice writing, man. refreshing and all too needed in these difficult times.