02 September 2011

Women on Duty

Women serving in the emergency services or the military is arguably the biggest example of how women are not required to uphold the responsibility that comes with being treated equally to men. Women serving the military are not required to fight in the front line. Quite the contrary, they are not allowed in many instances. What this results in is women being protected in dangerous jobs. Youtuber Karen Alloy mentions her experience in the military working on water cooler maintenance in a video:

In site of this when women are killed they regularly make headlines. Why is this? For starters it’s easy to argue that the human race is wired to feel more compassion towards women than men due to the evolution of male protector of females. This is easy to see when male deaths far outweigh those of women, like soldier deaths in Iraq, but still women make headlines, almost in a fashion that would make people feel the opposite were true. 2.5% of casualties in Iraq were female. Of that figure none were in the front line, and of the 110 female deaths there were 4298 male ones!

Every life lost is a tragedy, but as Marilyn Manson (and originally Stalin) said; “the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is just a statistic”. This quote says it all about our attitudes to female death. None of this stops people with their own agenda pushing female promotions in equal measure to males, despite taking less risk. It is far from fair that women should be able to gain the highest promotions in the military without serving on the front line. It is also foolish to expect women to have enough experience in combat tactics without being involved in fighting. Furthermore, if a woman’s life is too precious to put in the line of danger, then so is a man’s. If we started valuing the lives of men to a fraction of the extent we value women’s I honestly feel that we would see a dramatic decline in global conflicts.

To create a truly gender equalitarian society it is important that women can meet the same standards men, such as those for the fire service. In fact this is essential if we are to continue having services that are effective. Firemen are expected to lift as much as 180 pounds, climb ladders with people over their shoulders, and use power tools to break down doors. Thus so should women. A woman would have to be very committed to exercise to achieve such things. Women are of course weaker than men as a rule, and even smaller men usually have physical advantages to women, brought on by the hormone testosterone. There is nothing about this biological reality that should offend anyone, especially if women have equal opportunities to enrol for the fire service. As long as they can pass the same tests as men, fulfil the same role as men, and not be protected or kept away from danger, they have earned the right to do a job.

Youtuber Christy0misty made a video in which she very openly talked about her experiences of advantages for women in the military. She found that women were not only permitted to ignore certain fitness standards that were already lower than men, but that other women felt that this was not only acceptable, but also something they were entitled to:

This entitlement is the most harmful thing that can possibly happen to a society that is genuinely concerned about equal opportunities. Many people will not accept that equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome. Due to our entitlement culture many women find it hard to resist how easy it for them to perpetuate a victim mentality. This results in cases like the 51 year-old policewoman who failed a riot test where she was required to complete a course in less than two minutes and forty-five seconds in full riot gear. According to judge Hilary Slater she was sent away from the test humiliated, thus awarded £30,000 in compensation. Judge Slater said: “The tribunal concludes that the claimant was put at the disadvantage suffered by women and persons of her age group in that she failed the test and was not able to complete the training.”

She did however pass the test a few months later by the finishing time being raised to three minutes, though it is claimed that a colleaugue said “She’s got no f***ing chance”. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess, especially since it is not uncommon for women to lie to gain an advantage in cases of gender discrimination. One thing is clear though; her actions show a complete lack of integrity and honour. She was also at the front of the starting line when she retook the test, where she also gained an advantage by being the first one to start. As if all this privilege is not enough the Association of Chief Police Officers is reviewing its lawfulness of 13 specialist operational roles, to see if they are discriminatory against women.

Given there was a serious case of nationwide rioting this past summer this is not going to help the UK police in the present economic climate. But more to the point, this case strongly shows that not only do many women expect special favours, and will successfully sue if they do not get them, but most tragically of all there is someone who missed out on a job who could have fairly met the standards of the riot test. What is also tragic is that this destroys the efforts of the sincere to create a truly egalitarian society, and people are waking up to the fact that this sense of female entitlement is doing no favours for the reputation of women in the workplace. If people think this adolescent victim based equality is a just way to shape society then I will have no part in it.

Gender difference is anathema to promoters of political correctness, especially with regards to Feminist gender theory. This is one of the saddest things forming after the civil rights movement of the 60’s. The differences between men and women are no longer celebrated by society as a whole. Instead these differences are suppressed, as though they are oppressive. The fact that men and women are different is one of the most wonderful things about being human. Biological differences between the sexes are part of what makes life unique, and women also have their own inherent advantages. Denying this is foolish and futile to say the least, but this doesn’t stop people trying. Postmodernism is at the heart of this attempt to fallaciously break down gender, but it is important that those who value scientific truth speak out.

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  1. Marilyn Manson said; “the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is just a statistic”.

    It is Stalins quote, just saying. Great blog, cheers.

    1. Oh, I forgot I'd said that there too. Since then I stated that in a video, and was told the same thing. I'll change it in the blog post.