14 October 2011

Leftists Occupy Wall Street

We’ve reached a turning point in the present socioeconomic crisis. Dark times are looming ahead and, while I previously have said that things will get much worse, leftists are also waking up to this. As usual there is a left-right paradigm split, the right directing their protests against the FED, though this divide worries me. The occupy Wall Street protests however are showing that the left is determined to blame this whole collapse on Capitalism. While at the protests Michael Moore said “end Capitalism” when asked about ending the US Federal Reserve:

There was a time when I thought Michael Moore had some worthwhile things to say. I’ve read a few of his books, and he was one of the first people to wake me up to the injustices involving corporate welfare. But I now realise that, like leftists in general, I’ve been misinformed by a Socialist media circus. As I educate myself by hearing other argument via alternative media, the last bastion of pure information, I now know that Capitalism is not the problem here – statism is. It is the state that endorses a system where lobbying can persist, allowing the corporate elite, and indeed elites of all kinds, to bribe the government to their whim.

When leftists like Michael Moore spout rhetoric they only attack the corporate “pilot fish” swimming around the statist “shark”, picking at the parasites while they gain protection in a mutually beneficial relationship. Pilot fish are no threat however, having no ability to harm anyone, though they may harass you when swimming in droves. Swim too close to the fish, or try to swat the fish away, and you risk swimming too close to the shark - then snap! The shark will eat you up while the pilot fish continue swimming happily around its source of food and protection.

Leftists are right to blame the lobbying system and corporate welfare, but from here on in the cognitive dissonance sets in. They are unable to see that the state is the true threat, the entity with all the lawmaking powers, courts and judges, weapons, police and military, prisons, and all the mechanisms to commit illegitimate force on anyone it sees fit. Corporations have no direct ability to commit force whatsoever. State enforcers arrest citizens who simply want to be free of this control, and the state sends armies to parts of the world where the corporate world will benefit, filtering money via corporatism to the ruling class, like a giant vacuum cleaner.

It is for this reason corporations pay homage to the state, pandering like gentry in the court of a king. If people don’t begin to realise that the state cannot give them what they seek without using force, then the spiral of perpetual violence, being passed down from generation to generation, propagandising people into believe that the “use of force is wrong but…” there will be no end to this roundabout of statist “boom and bust”, be it through the economic cycle, the violence that plays out in wars, theft of productivity, or the destruction of individual liberty.

After Moore makes his remarks in the video above, Peter Schiff, well known for his prediction of the 2008 banking crisis and a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics, commented on Michael Moore’s end Capitalism remark, stating that:

“We should socialise those profits [his movies] and give it to the common man, because Michael Moore is sitting on a pretty good fortune he’s made through Capitalism”

And yes Mr Schiff, Moore is a hypocrite. This next video shows us how two-faced he is too:

While proclaiming in the midst of the protesters to end Capitalism, in his interview on CNN he tries to downplay the fact that Capitalism and the principles of free market choice are what have made him a very wealthy man, also attempting to weasel out of the suggestion that what he has achieved is a form of Capitalism. Not only is this behaviour hypocritical, but Moore also contradicts his end Capitalism remark amidst the protesters at Wall Street. He also talks about how the old principles of Capitalism that made the US prosperous are not what we have today, referencing Smith’s “Invisible Hand”, and talking about how someone who invents something worthwhile has the right to make a lot of money, while employees also make money working for this person.

This clearly shows that Moore knows full well what Capitalism is, and I am convinced he realises that free market principles not only work, but thrive, and that wealth does filter through the economy when it is left to operate via competition and innovation. I can only conclude that Moore is one of two things – a reactionary that wishes to make money from controversy, or a very dangerous liar who aims to incite the rabble into supporting leftist Socialist dogma.

Michael Moore shows us that the left will do anything to get their way, to subvert the principles of free market Capitalism that have been bastardised by the intervention of statism. Anti-trust laws and regulations of all forms have prevented true competition from ensuing, and leftists simply cannot and will not see that these Crony Capitalists hate competition because it is impossible for them to subjugate if this is in effect. Like leftists,

Crony Capitalists show us that they do not respect Smith’s invisible hand either, and actually seek to destroy market competition in favour of a planned economy – an agenda that leaves the floodgates wide open for cronyism. John D.Rockerfeller famously said that “competition is a sin”, and yet his lineage dominates the oligarchal circle to this day – another hypocritical perspective. The Rockerfellers are just one example of the crony mindset and agenda that stifles the free market via state bribery.

Times ahead are going to be hard. Every time free market proponents explain to people how this is not responsible for the mess we are in they are met with lies, deceit, conjecture, abuse, and every form of ad hominem and logical fallacy imaginable. Many simply do not care whether Capitalism actually works, and will not disconnect this from the true problem – the state, for the only thing leftists truly want is to implement socialism, regardless of truth or practicality. While many leftists know we have never had a free market, they also know deep down that Socialism has never worked because it places power in the hands of too few – as statism always has.

This is RockingMrE – over and out!

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  1. Moore isn't dishonest. He's been a cheer leader for socialism since he was a kid. He's simply too proud to see the errors of his ideals. Few know this but he's not really fat. He's just puffed up due to an enormous ego.