01 January 2012

Advice For a Young Man

The other day I had this private message sent to me on Youtube:

I’m 14, soon to be 15, and I’m a guy. I just saw your video “A Tale of Male Disposability,” and it seems like a lot you went through in high school resembles a lot that I am going through now. I have been thinking about starting to lift weights for a long time now because I want to impress girls. Girls never notice me because I’m just like you described in your video; not athletic and I am also pretty awkward.

A few months ago one of my closest female friends (I really like her even though she never liked me that way) stopped talking to me, and she started hanging out with guys who treated her like shit. So finally I confronted her and she said "well these people make me happy, and you just have to accept that I have new friends now." I almost went into depression because of her. I like her so much but she didn't like me at all. The only time she was nice to me was when I bought stuff for her and she usually gave me hugs if I did buy her things. I still think about her everyday, and I don't know what to do.

Do you have any advice for me regarding what I should do about girls, and if I should start lifting weights so I can impress them? What do you think?

Other than a few edits with regards to grammar this is exactly how the message was written. It is also important to note that the young man indicated that English wasn’t his first language, so it is understandable that I would make a few editorial changes. I obviously asked him permission to include his message and my response in a video or blog, and he of course agreed. Here is my response to him:

Hi there, and thanks for your message.

The story you heard was based in some part on my experiences as a male growing up in the world, and also through registering the experiences of other men in the culture all around us - so it isn't actually about me. But in spite of this the message of the story still stands; men are disposable in society, and so are often invisible because human beings haven't evolved to care about the feelings of other males so easily.

What I recommend you do is try to forget about this girl because it sounds like she wants to pick and choose the guy she wants based on popularity, as well as what he can give her. It seems like she will only be interested in the male that serves her best. As a result I have doubts she is going to make a male happy if he isn't an alpha that can serve her in the way that men have always done in history.

You are going through that time of your life when your hormones are running wild, and at this point it is easy to fall head over heels for a girl, making it hard to forget about her. What's important though is that you understand the lessons you learn today about women will shape the way you behave tomorrow, even at this young age. If you learn that you should do anything a female wants to get her attention then the chances are you will never truly find happiness with a woman, because if you don't expect respect you wont get it. This is a cold, harsh reality of the world we live in.

But it's not all bad! If you learn these lessons young enough, and learn to appreciate that it's not always the cheerleader or the most popular and beautiful girl that can make you happy, you will gradually be able to build up a mutual respect with females, and I am confident that if you respect yourself enough you will find the right person.

Finally, I would like to address your question about weights. Personally I enjoy being in shape, and yes, there are females out there that find men in good shape attractive. But if you fall into the trap of doing things because you think this is what makes women find you attractive, then the chances are you will become a robot with little personality, which means you will most likely never know who you are, and never truly be happy with yourself. This means that you will not be the type of person who has true self-respect because all you will ever do is try to please others, especially when it comes to women, because so many males fall into this ditch. This is dangerous and I cannot advise against it enough. So, if you want to do weights because it makes you feel confident then this is a good start. Sure some females may like you as you get into shape, but if they don't like the person inside then they are not worth knowing.

I hope that this advice helps you.

Kind Regards,

The young man sent me a message back after he received this, thanking me and stating that he had a lot to think about. If anyone would like to send me a message, asking for advice regarding how to traverse the pitfalls of masculinity in a Feminist dominated Western world, I would be more than happy to help. I am happy to give advice to anyone, though the above message really reminded me of the adversity of being a male teenager in our culture – it is really hard getting sound support that isn’t influenced by female-centricity and male disposability. Until next time...

This is RockingMrE – over and out!


  1. You wrote, "It seems like she will only be interested in the male that serves her best." That isn't quite how I understood the boy's report that "she started hanging out with guys who treated her like shit." To me, it sounds like the girl, too, has to learn about self-esteem.

  2. @Stone Dead The girl is pandering for the male that provides the most for her in an evolutionary sense. This is a natural phenomenon in gynocentrism. What she wants from men, and what she perceives manhood to be, is very clear in the way she treats the young man. For example, the young man ends up buying her gifts just to get a bit of her affection, and she is happy to oblige.

    Whether this innate tendency in women has been exacerbated by a shallow upbringing is another matter because I am interested in the fact that it is far easier in our culture for women to take advantage of men. That is why I feel the need to give advice to people like this young man - they really need it. Women have lots and lots of support in our culture too.

    There probably are self-esteem issues with this girl, but I think her biggest problem is that she is far too shallow, and shallow people can become victims of their own mindset.