15 January 2013

Piers Morgan Vs Alex Jones

Even across the pond in the UK Alex Jones caught the mainstream media’s attention when Piers Morgan had him on his show to discuss gun control. What ensued wasn’t really much of a discussion, but more of a confrontation. Many pro-gun advocates feel that Alex Jones did more harm than good by failing to remain composed. Here’s a video of the segment:

It’s fair to say that Alex Jones was far from civil. There were times, especially when he mocked Piers Morgan’s accent, where I feel he was downright rude. Alex has a reputation for being a hothead Texan, and for being abrupt at the best of times, interrupting almost anyone that shares the airtime with him, bar more prestigious guests such as Ron Paul or Dave Mustaine. Truthfully I don’t think this is malicious for the most part, although I do feel that Alex Jones has a sizeable ego, and there have been allegations that he doesn’t like to share the spotlight with activists on the ground:

Alex Jones’ success is undoubtedly one of the reasons that he can come across as cocky, and many people would struggle to keep this level of success in check. Millions of listeners per day on syndicated radio, and over 266 million views on YouTube, not to mention his other YouTube channels, or hundreds of thousands of hits per day on his websites infowars.com and prisonplanet.com, Alex Jones has enjoyed runaway success. This is the type of success the mainstream media is struggling to maintain alongside alternative media, and why? Because the mainstream media is essentially a mouthpiece for the establishment, and as the internet has grown, this has become increasingly difficult to deny or excuse.

Whatever opinion people have of Alex Jones, Piers Morgan is no angel. He has a reputation for being rude and obnoxious, as well as carrying out dishonourable journalism. One such example is his sacking from the tabloid newspaper “The Mirror” when he published fake photos of soldiers abusing Iraqis. You can also see in the next video link how he and others on his show were perfectly happy to joke about shooting Alex Jones while in uniform, typical hypocrisy of anti-gun advocates on the left, which is all the more troubling when we factor in the mentioning of men in uniform being the ones involved:

What’s frustrating about the entire tirade between Jones and Morgan is that the facts and statistics involving gun ownership that Jones mentioned were almost entirely correct. These have been brushed under the carpet by Alex Jones’ flamboyant behaviour. This is not the place to discuss theories about 9/11, which were also mentioned by Jones, though this his aside I had already uploaded a video about gun ownership on the Monday before the Jones versus Morgan exchange was to be aired, called “Guns & Freedom”. Many of the facts that Alex Jones presented were also addressed in my video, and it’s unfortunate that jones allowed Morgan and other anti-gun advocates to focus on Jones’ lack of etiquette instead.

What I will focus on in from the Jones Vs Morgan exchange was Jones’ comments involving the link with psychotropic drugs and the recent spree of shooters. Even as far back as the Columbine School Shooting this has been a consistent pattern. One wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these mass murderers all suffer with mental illness, but this is merely scratching the surface. With all the focus on guns few are asking about the medication these people might have been taking. Obviously big pharmaceutical companies are going to benefit from the agnotological denial akin to what tobacco companies carried out for decades. Fortunately this is gradually being eroded by credible medical research.

A recent study shows that psychotropic drugs dominate the top ten list of medications most likely to cause violence. Tendencies of violence can increase by over ten times in the case of Prozac, while suicides have also been strongly linked to these drugs too. This is nothing short of a ticking cultural time-bomb, and one that many believe to be a major catalyst for the spree of shootings across the US. Unfortunately this is not what gun control advocates want to hear. It seems the ignorant and opportunistic alike are determined to exploit tragedy to take away civil liberties.


  1. Great stuff as always Mr. E!

  2. Can I suggest that "drilling down" to the causes of the demand for mind altering medications would reveal further social and cultural cracks that are being masked by false arguments and appeals to authority that dominate the current discourse.

    Once this "drilling down" has been thoroughly completed we may find that our society, parents and education system/s needs to have long hard look at themselves in the mirror!

    This frightens most!

  3. Hay there dear Brother Mr.E. I hope you are fine and well. I used to listen to and follow Alex for many years in the past. I was attracted to many subjects he covered that I knew were important but after time I felt he was more of a danger to freedom and truth. Of course I can't say for sure what his motives truly are but this last interview he did with Piers Morgan is exactly why I left... I just look at him as a stepping stone in my growth toward a Libertarian world View... Peace and Light Brother! \/

  4. And Alex has a Habit of treating people like this who are good people. It's not restricted to just Piers Morgan. A Recent Video he did about Austin Peterson was horrendous. Also when he interviewed Doug Stanhope he acted like a clown.

    1. Piers Morgan is no angel by any stretch of the imagination mind, and I will say that every time I fact check Alex Jones his info is confirmed. Saying that he is too sensationalist at times, and he does need to avoid tirades that seem over the top.