11 December 2013

PhilosoChat: Scottish Independence From the UK?

Scotty M joins me to discuss Scottish independence from the UK...


  1. Interesting to hear the view from a conservative Scot.

    Here in the People's Republic of Wales, independence would mean Socialism in perpetuity. And (as pointed out), independence is in truth all about regionalism, and regionalism is ultimately merely the stepping-stone towards federalism. As for the Tories, I hate 'em. Tories are all about getting into office and looking after the upper classes rather than about genuine conservatism. I'm no class warrior, but the idea that a coiffed, monied, Eton-educated Oxbridge quasi-aristo like David Cameron (and his ilk) understands what it is to work, save, start a small business and provide for one's family and future is risible. Genuine conservatism is for all: it is the friend of the law-abiding and of civilisation itself, not merely something to be used to entice voters before an election and then dropped soon after when no longer expedient.

    The Tories have been a total disaster: in truth, it's hard to call them conservatives at all. The likes of Ted Heath are more representative of the Tories than is Margaret Thatcher. Voting for them only prolongs the agony. My vote usually ends up going to UKIP. ...Though I'm under no illusions that they'll ever get in here.

    1. I'm not sure if you noticed me say in the vid, but I live in Wales too.

      David Cameron isn't a conservative. He's a socialist who comes form a line of collectivists that call themselves "right-wing socialists". This is an oxymoron in itself, but it's a topic I will be exploring in a future vid. I have a local libertarian group that might interest you. If it does then send me a message at the e-mail address in the 'contact' tab above.


  2. "I'm not sure if you noticed me say in the vid, but I live in Wales too. "

    Prynhawn da.

    Thanks for your reply: I hadn't heard of "right-wing socialists" before --- they seriously call themselves that? ...And keep a straight face? Cheers, too, for the info about the group: really, I'm more a conservative than a libertarian. I might e-mail you sometime, though!