26 May 2014

What Does UKIP Stand For?

Is UKIP as bad as the mainstream media suggests?


UKIP Policies

UKIP Constitution

UKIP European Manifesto

UKIP Local Manifesto

UKIP is not a racist party

The British National Party disagrees with UKIPs inclusive immigration policy

Farage on Living Next Door to Romanians

Open Letter from UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, explaining about Romanians on trains

Farage on people speaking no English on trains

Farage on women who take maternity leave

Farage Interview, where he explains UKIP's economic values, amidst the typical smear attacks

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  1. Ukip are the only party in the UK that haven't been inducted into the broader supernationalist agenda. It's this agenda that forms the policy of both the major UK parties and it has been particularly ascendant over the last five or six years, the reason why The Guardian, Telegraph, BBC who're mostly mouth pieces for their party affiliates are seemingly unanimous in their support for its aims. It's very noticeable over issue like Syria and particularly The Ukraine where the propaganda issued from these media organs is starkly at odds with reality, they have however refrained form the emulating some of the of the recent practices of the US press over these particular issues, were propaganda has descended into something darker, something we saw surface over the Zimmerman case. However, this restraint has not been extended to the issue of Ukip, which daily sees them exercise their most arduous efforts, these have generally been fruitless because of the their lack of finesse, however yesterday there -seemed- to be a more sophisticated attempt, with the use of sleeper tactics, when the Guardian quoted Tony Blair. This coupled with, the advent of the Ballot Manipulation that was evident during the EU elections, which was quite sophisticated, reminiscent of the type of manipulation that used to be prominent in Northern Ireland, folded ballots in the contrived listing of candidates, belies the extend of the determination of Ukip's opponents and their resources.