03 May 2015

Why Vote UKIP?

Why vote UKIP on May 7th?


The UKIP Manifesto 2015


  1. Good luck in the election, I'm pulling for UKIP.

    We just had a provincial election here in Alberta, Canada on May 5th. Our old untrustworthy PC party was voted out and replaced with the openly socialist NDP. People just wanted to see the PC's out and voted emotionally instead of logically. Maybe it had something to do with the increasingly large amount of hipsters found in one of the biggest riding's, Edmonton.
    The NDP's platform and policies don't bode well for us. A carbon tax, an environmental goal that is damaging to the economy of an oil and gas province, and a mandatory minimum wage increase that will force employers to cut staff.
    So good luck to you across the pond.

    1. Thank you. Results are in. See my latest post.