23 March 2017

Westminster Attack – is this the New Normal?

Is Islamic terrorism the new normal in Europe?



  1. Attacks, noted as 'terrorism' is not new to London, and my generation (which is going back a bit) was used to the IRA going about their indicriminate murders of innocents. This new mob on the patch, the Mohammedans are little different. But we tire of it all.

    I have heard people lump the two together under the rubrik of 'religion' which ropes Christians - and particularly Catholics - into the same yoke. As if they were similar. This conveniently ignores the 'R' in IRA being for 'Republican', yet another political system, rather than anything to do with religion.

    Not that Islam is a religion at all. Rather an anti-religion and a political system based on racism, slavery, oppression and 'submission'. It differs so much from Christianity - one espousing Universal Love and kindness to one's neighbour: the other Universal hatred and mayhem/death to the neighbour - that it compares apples to slabs of pig iron.

    1. I concur. It's a funny religion that demands you subjugate people and rule the world.