01 June 2017

A Letter to Hans About German Supremacy

Dear Hans,

I Hope you’re well. How’s Bertha? I’m writing to you because we need to talk about your country. I know that Germany has some nice ales, beer festivals, cars, and classical music, but it’s a struggle for the good to outweigh the bad. I appreciate I’ve been critical of Germany in the past, like when I made a video highlighting recurring German totalitarianism. This drove the usual neo-Nazi trolls mad, you know, the ones that say they’re not neo-Nazis, but still defend and promote Nazi revisionist history (Hitler did nothing wrong, and Nazis never hurt a single hair on a Jew’s head, don’t cha know?).

But we have to be honest here; Germans have been at the heart of every problem in Europe, since the fall of Rome. So I’m writing to you in the hope that you can help me explain to Germans that, while I appreciate that #NotAll (as one commenter pointed out to me), Germans need to take a long hard look at themselves. Might I suggest you take a moment to study the meme on the side of this paragraph, because it’s extremely relevant to what I have to say?

The meme shows a clock, with numbers being replaced with the words “Destroy Europe”. There are also four German figures around the clock, and a background image. This depicts the German Goths causing the aforementioned fall of Rome (one German I came across even tried to deny that the Goths were German – that’s how much denial there is among Germans, when it comes to their history). Yes, they took advantage of a Rome already weakened by decadence and corruption. But from this moment onwards in history, the Germans would always end up profiting from every political and religious catastrophe in Europe, by manoeuvring themselves into a position of advantage, at the expense of everyone else. This leads to a cycle of German supremacy that has two stages:

  1. Germans bring down anyone that has more power than them.
  2. Germans co-opt or destroy their rivals. 

Back to the Goths; after Germans sacked Rome on multiple occasions, they eventually took it for their own, creating a Holy Roman Empire that co-opted Roman identity, just like the pattern I mentioned above. There’s no win-win here, Hans, where everyone benefits from things like trade, cultural exchange and scientific understanding. It’s about dragging everyone down, and towering over them when they’re in the gutter. That’s how Germans consistently operate – it’s like clockwork, hence the pertinence of the above meme. Germans need to come to terms with the reason for this behaviour - a collective inferiority complex that they deal with by projecting this onto other groups, so they can feel superior. There’s a word for this kind of insecurity masked as superiority, Hans – narcissism.

Now onto the second earliest figure on the clock - Martin Luther, the man responsible for religious war in Europe. To be fair, he did call out the flagrant corruption in the Catholic Church, and was instrumental in the Bible being translated to languages other than Latin. This drive also led to improved translations from ancient Greek. But it’s not as though Luther put an end to what caused the corruption in Christianity; organised religion. Instead, Luther ended up splitting the church into multiple denominations that emulated the corruption of Catholicism on a much smaller scale. Lutheranism did nothing to end the control of the priest and political class over Christianity, by far the biggest problem with Catholicism.

The reinterpretation of scripture for political power therefore became much worse after Luther’s reformation, whether this was Henry VIII’s Anglican Church, strict Puritan doctrine, or our modern interpretation of Christianity, where Jesus was a socialist who only focussed on compassion, and Christians don’t need to do anything to fight against temptation or sin. We also mustn’t forget that Luther’s reformation led to religious wars in Europe that lasted for over 100 years, and culminated in Germany being at the centre of the reformed church. And this, Hans, is another example of the historical cycle of German supremacy, where Germans end up benefitting from destruction in Europe.

Wilhelm II, the German emperor during World War One, is the earliest figure after Martin Luther (he’s the man with the funky moustache). It was Germany’s expansionist ‘lebensraum’ policy and ‘war socialism’ that led to this war, because, yet again, Germans had ambitions for supremacy in Europe. This war is often considered avoidable and unnecessary, but anyone making such a suggestion doesn’t understand the mass psychology of Germany, or its policies during this period. Germans just can’t handle the idea that anyone is better than them, and their reaction is to vie for power, bringing others down along the way. When you understand this, the Treaty of Versailles makes sense – an enemy that’s only satisfied with supremacy must be forced to submit unequivocally. This is exactly the same solution for another supremacist ideology - Islam. Supremacists have to be beaten down so much that they eventually accept the only option they have left is an outcome of mutual benefit and respect.

The next earliest figure on the clock really needs no introduction, because he’s been cast as the biggest villain in history - Hitler. His rise to power didn’t come out of nowhere, Hans. Supremacists react very badly when they lose. Their delicate mass psychology simply can’t handle it. So they become very destructive as a result. We see this on an individual level with narcissists, and as I’ve already suggested, Germany is a very narcissistic nation. After World War One, Germans just couldn’t handle losing their great empire. A nation capable of introspection could have moved past this and become better for it - but not Germany. Instead they doubled down into madness.

Few people realise that Germany had the first welfare state. It was German chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, who was largely responsible for this. Some suggest he was some sort of conservative, but I guess it depends on your definition because he was most definitely a collectivist that very much embodied the mass psychology of German statism, where individuals were secondary. Then there’s Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, both German citizens that founded Marxism. Some try to blame Marxism on the Jews, but Engels was German, and Marx was a Jewish German citizen. When we combine all this with the first welfare state being German, and the war socialism policies of Germany during World War One, it’s safe to say that socialism was born in Germany, even if Jews played a role.

So how did Germans double down into madness? Through the destructive socialism that took root in Germany. Hitler attempted to revive the German empire, with the kind of policies that Bismarck and Wilhelm II were responsible for, combining this with his Aryan ideology. At the same time, communism began to take hold, which advocated a stateless, classless world free of religion. While these two movements had their differences, they were both very authoritarian and collectivist. You can see why Freud believed that society had a death drive when Germans repeatedly made decisions that led to such destructive groupthink.

And the rest, as they say, is history, Hans. Germany lost World War II, and was split into east and west. You would think that Germans finally learnt their lesson, and started to embrace individual sovereignty over collectivist groupthink driven by mass psychology. Alas, this wasn’t to be. Somehow, some way, Germans being Germans, they couldn’t handle not dominating Europe. So they managed to become the strongest voice in the European Union. In a bizarre situation where Germany was not only reunified (despite all the trouble they caused in history) we now have Angela Merkel and Germany dictating how many rapefugees EU members are supposed to take in, and having the final say on every decision. This is the last and most recent figure on the clock, and yet to play out in its entirety.

As if this isn’t enough, this meme doesn’t even cover every destructive outcome that Germany is responsible for. How about German Idealism, Hans? It’s shit! All it amounts to is yet another German reactionary movement aiming to bring down something that Germans don’t control, namely the enlightenment and industrial revolution that originated in Britain. Heaven forbid that Germans would lose influence after this took place! So they came up with an anti-enlightenment, created by a bunch of pretentious high class German tossers that wanted solipsism to continue keeping the commoners in their place, people like Arthur Schopenauer, Friedrich Hegel, Martin Heiddegger, and all the other Germans that laid the foundation for the postmodern rot that we’re suffering with today.

And of course, there’s the German-Hungarian iron founder, Orban, constructing the cannons that helped the Turks conquer Constantinople, you know, the place now called Istanbul. It was German technology sold to the Hungarians that led to this, Hans. This brought down Byzantium, leaving the German Holy Roman Empire as the sole remaining seat of the Rome Empire. Isn’t it convenient that Germans had a hand in this, Hans, and that they benefitted once again?

That’s a pretty good summary of my issues with Germany, Hans. I know you’re a nice chap, as are many of your fellow Germans. But my word, the mass psychology of Germany is really messed up! I hope you can help me explain this to other Germans, because they need to deal with this problem once and for all, in a genuine way that won’t lead to yet another groupthink ideology that causes the destruction of Europe. I’m not sure you can sense it, Hans, but we’re reaching that time again, when Germans are going to be at the heart of another “Destroy Europe” moment, this time through the EU. I really hope we can avoid this, but it seems as though Germans only understand one language – war. I truly hope I’m wrong, for all our sakes.

That’s all I have to say for now, Hans. Say hi to Bertha for me. Until next time.

Yours sincerely,

Rocking MrE.


  1. Excellent letter concerning this warped country called Germany. I've always considered this place the "Land of Dead Men". It's only a matter of taking a few seconds to recall in what model has been based our failed educational system, and it'll conjure itself: the Prussian Educational Model. Here in Mexico they think Germans are a great civilization; in my point of view, quite the contrary.

    1. Oh, the Prussian educational model - another gem that Germans have given to the world. Thanks for reminding me about that. I neglected to mention it here.

  2. A well written article and an eye opener to say the least.

  3. I think you went off the rails when you started talking about the welfare state, but I laughed along until then.

  4. LOL, wow...and from the mouths of babes...This is a great example of what an incomplete education can do for someone. Or it's an example of what someone, who already has prejudices in place, believes to be the truth. It wouldn't be that difficult to convince people that this individual is mostly right, although he doesn't really have a grasp of some key concepts. Germany wasn't a country, didn't exist on any map you can find that's historical, until roughly the mid to late 1800s. Given the author is unaware of this key fact and several other foundational facts that are missing from his self-created "History of the World." Were it not for the ignorance, veiled bias and the almost imperceptible tones of contempt, resentment and anger this would be a very fine piece of propaganda. However, taken in it's whole, it just has to be chalked up as the writings of a delusional lunatic. But be concerned, I got the impression this lunatic had an agenda he wanted furthered and his writings are incapable of that.

  5. I don't understand why you have a complaint about the Germans having a strong voice in the EU. Who were you going to propose? The Greeks? The Italians? The German economy is what makes the EU possible. It contributed more money to the EU than any other country in each of the last 5 years if not longer.
    Germany's contribution exceeded the bottom 18 countries combined. It was also the voice of the German people and their refusal to accept the division of their country any longer to appease the USSR. Their intolerance of USSR politics brought about the final disintegration of the Iron Curtain and the heavy fisted communist influence smothering eastern Europe. France has continuous struggles with large group of middle eastern immigrants and its intolerance of civil unrest in these communities is watched by everyone in Europe. Shortly after World War II, there was a massive immigration of middle eastern peoples into western Europe. Many were fleeing communism and even more were fleeing the rising power of various sects of the Islamic faith. If you thought the Catholics had been intolerant of the rise of competing sects of Christianity? I find it hard to believe with all your researching that you wouldn't also be aware of the incredible brutality and violence that competing sects of the Islamic faith treats the others. This pervading truth to the middle east and the Islamic faith is what once again is causing another massive migration of peoples from the middle east to Europe. HOWEVER, I feel it must be mentioned that the middle east is a clusterfuck because of the UN and its division and creation of countries following world war II. In particular, former colonies of the UK and France wanted independence but the UK and France steered control of those countries back to themselves with promises of subsequent independence. Every one of those areas, with the exception of India, has become a problem area for the UN with ongoing problems of civil unrest and violence.