27 July 2017

How 'Diversity' Destroys Comic and Movie Popularity

Cinema ticket sales have been declining for years. When you factor in inflation, these numbers are the some of the worst in around a century. I myself haven’t been going to the cinema as much since my children were born. But I have managed to go on occasion, and I do have a Netflix subscription. I’ve recently managed to catch up with some of the movies I missed in the cinema, many of which I’m glad I didn’t pay to see because it sends Hollywood the wrong message – that people want what they’re selling.

When you combine this with a similar decline in the comic industry, this is obviously not what most people want, despite claims to the contrary. Many already know that this decline is fuelled by the raving obsession with diversity, after universities have been churning out rabid far-left ideologues for decades, completely unopposed for the outright sedition that it is. Diversity has merely become the latest buzzword for the Far-Left, replacing the failed economic theories of communism. Let’s take a closer look at this obsession with diversity, to learn why this causes a decline in comic and movie popularity.

In March of 2017, Marvel Exec, David Gabriel, suggested that diversity in comics was causing a decline in sales. He was later forced to backtrack, thanks to the usual SJW crybully tactics, along with far-left sites insisting that other factors like archaic publishing methods are to blame. In response, Lefties also typically doubled down by claiming that (remarkably!) we need even more diversity in comics. Such incredible feats of denial are only surprising to those that aren’t familiar with the twisted history and psychology of the Left.

When people think of the Far-Left, you wouldn’t usually associate this with market economics. But the Far-Left now controls our societies by allowing a certain amount of market forces to exist, though only if heavily controlled by the kind of dogma destroying the comic and movie industries. Make no mistake; they’d rather see entire industries destroyed than relinquish control of them, and this is exactly what’s going to happen if things continue. Those in control are still the same kind of people that sent tens of millions to work to death in gulags under communism, being so evil that they preferred this to accepting that their theories were wrong. If they got the chance, they’d send all those straight white males to gulags in a heartbeat, and right now they’re being set up as unpersons, through a popular culture that under-represents and demonises them, while over-representing and celebrating the useful idiots that will help usher in totalitarianism that will consume us all.

If you want to see the logical conclusion of this cultural decay, look at the culture behind the former Iron Curtain, with Socialist Realism being the only permissible form of creative expression, and the children’s show, Sandmännchen, brainwashing children about how wonderful life was under communism. With this level of singlemindedness, it’s no revelation that as the Far-Left takes over, our culture is becoming equally monolithic and, ironically, seriously lacking in diversity. In true Orwellian fashion, the Left uses doublethink to hide their true intentions. Rather than diversity, they want conformity and the destruction of individuality. If you want to see this in action, look no further than the popular culture they promote – constantly attempting to condition you into accepting their ideological agenda.

One example in 2017 is the recent Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation of the Manga cartoon, starring Scarlett Johansson. In this version, Scarlett Johansson’s character, Major Mira Killian, initially believed that she was a refugee that died in a terrorist attack by Nationalists, along with her parents. The movie therefore takes the opportunity to associate terrorism with those opposing the European migration crisis caused by the illegal activities of NGOs, and of course the EU’s own attempt to take control of the migration policies of all EU members states.

Major then has a sexual encounter with a transgender person, as she attempts to understand her own sexuality within a reincarnated cybernetic body. Like the open border policies driving the European migration crisis, transgender normalisation is very much part of current cultural Marxist indoctrination, demonstrating how modern popular culture is far more openly propagandistic than ever before. In fact, everything about Ghost in the Shell comes across as an attempt to condition the public into embracing a globalism, something very common in today’s movies. The setting attempts to romanticise overcrowded globalist hub cities of the future, with citizens have no identity other than an atomised sense of self that’s so fluid it can easily be transferred from one body to the next.

Another 2017 example of this propaganda is Spiderman: Homecoming. The actor that played Peter Parker, Tom Holland, looked pale and drawn, and strangely enough this reminded me of comments on some of my videos, where racism against white people involves calling them melanin deficient, as though they’re defective non-white people. This could be a coincidence, but there were literally parts of the movie where Peter Parker looked so pale that I wondered if he might be ill.

In typical fashion for today’s culture, formerly white characters were replaced with actors that changed their ethnicity, considered an outrage if done in reverse (referred to as whitewashing). There were so many non-white extras and supporting characters that you would think the USA is already a minority-majority country, something I’m sure popular culture trying to acclimatise us to.

What’s more, the actors were unusually and disproportionately unattractive. It’s not as though everyone onscreen should be beautiful or handsome. But you could clearly see the cultural Marxist war against beauty at play. You might be able to get away with this in the case of Peter Parker, because he’s always been a nerd. But the Flash was played by Latino actor, Tony Revolori, a far cryfrom the athletic blonde jock of the original. The main love interest in the movie, Liz Allen, is played by Laura Harrier, another Latino who, like Tom Holland, looked oddly pale and drawn. Despite being a model, she’s easily the least attractive love interest in any Spiderman movie, adding up to yet another attempt to shoehorn in another non-white replacement. Peter Parker's best friend is an obese kid called Ned, another character than was originally white, but played by a Hawaiian. Virtually all the casting just seemed out of place and agenda driven, making it obvious that diversity was more important than anything else.

The New MJ - I'm not kidding!
Worst of all, throughout the movie a clichéd SJW female, named Michelle, kept irritatingly appearing. At one point she refuses to join her classmates inside the Washington Monument because it was “built by slaves”. When her teacher looks at the black security guard for clarification, he shrugs in agreement. To my horror, it was revealed that this character was none other than ‘MJ’ (Mary being changed to Michelle), played by Zendaya, a childhood showbiz star with an African American Dad. To those that don’t know, Mary Jane ass originally the fair red headed beauty that Peter Parker married, formerly played by Kirsten Dunst.

Similar ‘diversity’ can be found in the UK, where we now have a female Doctor Who to look forward to. Some people might be surprised by this, but truth be told, this show has been declining for years, hence the reason I no longer watch. Doctor Who already regularly promotes sexual degeneracy, like a lesbian interspecies couple. Once it was established that a Time Lord could become a woman, when the Master became Missy, it was obvious that we were being set up for the Doctor to have his own sex change, especially given that SJWs were campaigning for years to see this happen, and what SJWs want, they get, because despite being a tiny demographic that won’t generate sales, in this culture, those that scream and shout the most, win. It’s for this reason that movies and comics will continue to decline, as long as cowards appease a minority of SJW Crybullies, all in the name of virtue signalling over ‘muh diversity’!

Meet your new gender-fluid Doctor.
To contribute further to this madness, it’s highly likely that James Bond will soon be played by either a woman (don’t be surprised if she’s named ‘James’), or a non-white man. It wouldn’t shock me if this involves making the character bi, as everything has to include homosexuality, these days. I have no doubt that such changes will result in a decline in this franchise, too, along with all the other attempts to ram down diversity down our throats. But the question is, will anyone have the guts to say no to this, so they can actually give the public something they can enjoy, and make a *gasp* profit?

Frankly, there are so many other examples of this cultural appropriation (in the real sense) that I could fill a book. So I’ll stop here. To conclude, it’s incredible that it’s acceptable to write white people out of their own heritage and culture like this, which is exactly what happens when real ethnic cleansing takes place historically. First, you have to set the groundwork by making the target feel as though they deserve it. As for comic and movie sales, given that white people were the ones that built these industries, is it any wonder that, as white people are no longer welcome in this medium, that they can’t be sustained? You’ll find the same pattern, wherever white people are being replaced.


  1. It's a strange world we've inherited.

  2. We need a war before this goes further off into the deep end. Just when you think it can't get worse, it will. During my time, homosexuality was right at the cusp of the social dialogue. Now the focus has strongly shifted to women that already have equal rights and transexuals. What's next? Well non-traditional relationships, of course! Polyamory, multiple partners, etc. The normalization of deviance.

  3. It is truly crazy that white businessmen would be creating the means of their own demise. How can this be explained?

    1. These men are not loyal to anyone but their own egos. They serve a system that makes them gods. They don't care about what they destroy in the process.

  4. I only found out last year that Henry V was actually a woman and the daughter of the King of France was a man who made Liberace look like an oil-rigger. I haven't gone to the theatre since as I'm still recovering from the shock.

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