24 August 2017

Charlottesville Backlash - Fake News & Online Censorship

The backlash to the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally has certainly been far-reaching. Unlike so many people, I’ve been aware of the neo-Nazi infiltration of the Alt-Right for a long time. I talk about this in my video, What is the Alt-Right? As far back as September 2016, I pointed out that the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, openly called itself Alt-Right. Even the banner of the site stated that it was “The world’s most visited Alt-Right website”. I say linked in the past tense because The Daily Stormer can now only be found on the dark web, after no internet company would host the site, demonstrating just how unprecedented the Charlottesville backlash has been.

Since Charlottesville, there’s been a significant outcry of right-wingers that want nothing to do with fascism. This is a good thing. Some actually get that all variations of fascism are left-wing, so why would they be in the Alt-Right? But others are virtue signalling, and couldn’t care less about anything but themselves. The rest are just shilling for the Left, or are so dogmatically ignorant that they’re completely useless to an effective right-wing. Vox Day and Greg Johnson debated the question of whether National Socialists belong in the Alt-Right, and Vox Day did an excellent job of arguing against this. However, despite my agreement that neo-Nazis don’t belong in the Alt-Right, we still need to challenge the false narrative of the Left, like the fake news of the car crash at Charlottesville, used to usher in online censorship.

The car crash that resulted in 1 death and 19 injuries was quickly exploited by the media and the establishment at large, before all the facts were known. This is what the Left always does; they run with a narrative, and try to get away with as much as possible, on pure hysteria and moral panic alone. If this was indeed a genuinely deliberate attack then the person responsible should go down for murder. However, the emerging evidence simply doesn’t support that.

Prior to the internet, false flag events and fake news was much easier to cover up, but in a time when so many people have smartphones with livestream capabilities, those days are over. Witnessing the way the Charlottesville crash has been used to create a hysterical clampdown on the Alt-Right is very disturbing, because this is how totalitarian states operate. I don’t care whether it’s neo-Nazism or neo-Marxism that’s responsible for this. The outcome is still repressive.

When the crash initially took place, the only available footage was the crash itself. Almost immediately I found it strange that this only showed a car crashing into a line of cars in front of it, which is a very odd way for a hit and run attack to take place. Islamic terrorists smash into pedestrians, not cars, therefore maximising the harm caused. So if this was intentional, either the driver wasn’t very smart, or something else led to him crashing his car.

Alex James Fields Jr
It’s now clear that James Alex Fields Jr, the one being charged for this incident, was reacting to his car being hit with what looks to me like a flag pole, swung by an Alt-Left/Antifa thug. He then tried to get away by driving towards a crowd blocking his way. This led to the aforementioned death and injuries. It’s likely that when Fields accelerated forward, he didn’t see the cars ahead of him until the crowd quickly dispersed, at which point it was too late to stop a collision. An Antifa mob then descended on his vehicle and proceeded to smash his car with baseball bats, resulting in him quickly reversing away, hitting some of these assailants in the process. I have no doubt this mob would have seriously injured or killed Fields, had he gotten out of his car or remained stationary.

Perhaps he could have reversed out of the area when his car was initially struck, therefore avoiding this outcome. But there were people behind him, so this is uncertain. It’s possible that a crash would still have taken place, especially if the attacks on his car continued if he chose to reverse, rather than speed ahead. Furthermore, why did Antifa even have baseball bats? This alone proves they had violent intentions.

Still of footage the moment Fields' car was hit.

Irrespective of Fields’ background, these are the emerging facts. The evidence completely dismantles the idea that this attack was premeditated in any way, and there’s certainly no way to link this to terrorism. At the very least you could call this manslaughter, but Fields was most definitely reacting to the aggression of others, whether or not you think he reacted appropriately in the spur of the moment. I’m not sure how I would have reacted, but I would certainly have felt threatened if someone started smashing my car with a baseball bat.

Still footage of Fields' car being attacked, after
the collision took place.
In the days that followed this crash, CNN, the fakest of fake news networks, had the audacity to pedal the narrative that the Barcelona terror attack at Las Ramblas was a copycat of Charlottesville. These truly are Orwellian times, where a Ministry of Truth controls reality and throws info down the memory hole, using doublethink to shape a narrative for a wider agenda. It’s disturbing, to say the least, that even the internet is being turned into an entity that supports this sort of control of speech and truth. Although I don’t support The Daily Stormer in any capacity, we can now see what the transfer of ICANN from the US is leading to. Could it be a coincidence that internet companies are no longer hosting websites, around 2 years after this took place? In the past, internet users were protected by the first amendment of the US constitution. Not anymore.

It’s hard not to get black-pilled at times like this. Perhaps the only place left for free speech will become the dark web. Although The Daily Stormer, along with all neo-Nazis and White Supremacists, are vile entities that come from the same mould as others on the Left, I believe that their suppression is the testing ground for what will be turned on true right-wingers, or indeed any opposition to the Left, in the future. Unless we find a way to put a stop this this, the only place left for free speech will indeed be the Dark Web.


  1. Go on youtube and watch the latest video from a creator called sonofnewo. He dissects the Ford Fischer livestream. Some very fishy things going on.

    1. I watched and about the only thing I found curious was the maroon van parked unoccupied in the intersection of the incident. The rest of the footage was him connection vague dots like the golf cart thing with a stretcher a block away. Emergency responders at an event where antifa is expected is no proof of conspiracy. Brennan Gilmore being the MSM key witness is definately more compelling to me. Check this out. https://vid.me/yv5fg