14 September 2017

Nephilim & the Book of Enoch

What does the Book of Enoch tell us about the Nephilim in the Old Testament, who were the Watchers, and does this book tell us anything about the occult?



  1. I think the definitive modern texts on the question you're seeking to address are -- Gaqrgantua, Pantagruel, Le Tiers Livre, Le Quart Livre, and Le Cinquième Livre by François Rabelais.

    EVERYTHING that you address in your video is treated in far greater detail and sensitiveness by Rabelais, including the aspect of the fake Spirirituality of Kabbalism.

  2. And crikey NO -- Purgatory and Limbo are NOT the same.

    The idea of Limbo has BTW been abandoned, and anyway it was only ever a theory in theology, but never a teaching of the Church as such.

    1. I acknowledge the difference between limbo and purgatory, something I missed in the video, and realised when it was too late to change it. However, that doesn't excuse the pedantic tone of your comment.

      There are also other levels attributed to Hell in particular, and these things were accepted by traditional Catholic thought for a long time.