19 March 2018

The Transhuman Agenda Explained

In this video I explain how Transhumanism may become the way that totalitarians of the future control humanity. Some fear that this may occur through artificial intelligence. But there are far greater and more likely risks, if there are no limits to technological manipulation of organic life.


1 comment:

  1. If you can create a technology that can give people, say, vastly higher IQs...

    ...then you've got a technology that can create a servile race of people with just enough intelligence to operate the machines, but not enough to rebel against their masters.

    You cannot put the genie back into the bottle once you've let it out, and you most certainly need to think very long and hard about the kinds of people who will use this technology and what they'll use it for. Because there are very bad people in this world who would love to be able to create a lobotimised population that will never disobey them for as long as they live.

    There are many, many reasons to oppose something with such a high potential for abuse by evil men and women.