29 April 2019

The Satanic Agenda Explained

Are we moving towards a Satanic age that underpins everything about those who control the world?



  1. The Unholy Bible - Yahweh (conflated with Godan, an alternative name for Wotan/Odin, when Christianity was spread to Europe) as Satan:

    https: //www. bitchute. com/video/rV1wJj7JjpW2/

    Or perhaps this was a rewriting of the bible?

    Fabricating Israel: Biblical Archaeology and a Chronology of Propaganda: http: //bit. ly/2LokinV

    As the Hyksos and Habiru people, the story of Joseph (a con man whose allegorical accounts are synonymous with typical jewish behavior) explains how the proto-jews took over Egypt as a fifth column and enslaved its inhabitants LONG BEFORE the birth of Moses and the enslavement of his people.

    1. The Historical Moses Discovered? (Youtube video):

      https: //twitter. com/i/web/status/1111704020429795328

      The Real Story of Joseph in Egypt:

      https: //www. bitchute. com/video/ensEhLzjLCmU/

      Charles Giuliani on the Hyksos' Invasion of Egypt:

      https: //www. bitchute. com/embed/1VqDuwRdCGbN/

      Jews Speaking About Jews:

      https: //www. bitchute. com/video/K19fPs3KLjgM/

      Genesis (35:10): https: //www. biblehub. com/genesis/35-10. htm

      [God said to him, "Your name is Jacob, but you will no longer be called Jacob; your name will be Israel." So he named him Israel.]

      Jewish Prayer Calls for Holocaust of Non-Jews:

      https: //nationalvanguard. org/2015/09/jewish-prayer-calls-for-holocaust-of-non-jews/

  2. Orthodox Jews claim innate superiority over all who aren't Jewish:

    https: //youtu. be/gugqZG8Rs2w

    ‘Haaretz’ says many Orthodox are taught to see non-Jews as ‘not quite human’:

    http: //bit. ly/2DCTxWz

    [According to Samuel Katz, who was brought up as a Satmar but later became secular, boys in the community are taught that non-Jews aren’t quite human. Speaking from Berlin, where he is doing biomedical research on a Fulbright fellowship, Katz explained that growing up in such a community, “you don’t see commonality with people who aren’t Jewish. There is a completely different taxonomy of people.

    There are Jews and then there are non-Jews, who don’t have souls.” When the messiah comes, “every boy is taught that the bad goyim will be killed and the good gentiles will have the privilege of serving us, of being our slaves," he told Haaretz. "The way Stark dealt with tenants is part of that world view… It’s not taking advantage of them, (rather) that is the world order you’re taught to expect.”]