26 September 2019

Could You Go Back Into The Matrix?

Could you swap the red pill for the blue pill, like Cypher in The Matrix? Many of us may now face a similar moral dilemma, as political suppression continues to grow online.


Scene in The Matrix


  1. I believe you are doing the work of God in these last days. You are alerting, whoever comes in contact with your channel, of the deception with which satin has blinded the eyes of man. You are not responsible for how people receive and respond to your work. You are responsible only for the content of the work itself. I have been watching your you-tube videos for some time and can honestly say that you present a clear understanding of eternal life through faith in Gods only begotten son Jesus and the deception of this worlds system with which satin blinds the eye of man to the grace and mercies of God. I am not well educated, which makes some of your video content hard to understand, but, most of your videos are Crystal clear and i am encouraged and educated by them. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you. I try not to get carried away with lingo.