03 February 2021

No Jab, No Life | Rocking Philosophy Live

Join me for a livestream about the increasing push to take away the freedoms of those unprepared to be vaccinated from COVID-19.


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  1. I wanted to comment within the LIVESTREAM but it was off for some reason.
    Part of the building blocks for the vax being " mandatory" come from the FADC bill that was passed around the late 1930's & then revised by the Carter Administration in the 70's.
    Carter also "introduced" the idea of FEMA during his presidency, so, add this on & the idea that Trump signed everything over to FEMA back in March 2020.
    The rest seem to stem from various Military exercises or "operations" & it appears that @ 1 time, Jade Helm was one so as to eventually militarize the police.
    Along the way, you had various anti gun things coming into the picture, at least for the US, because it seems the UK & Australia had things going on to usurp ant version of 2nd amendment rights if there were indeed any.
    For the operations, www.centerfirhealthsecurity.irg has a bunch going back to pre 9/11 in the forms of
    1- Operation Dark Winter June 23rd to the 24th, 2001, so months before 9/11.
    2- Operation Clade X in 2018
    3- Operation Crimson Contagion from 1/1/2029 to 8/2019
    4- Event 201 in October of 2019.
    @ least 3 different POTUS's were around for these things, going from Bush Jr to Obama to Trump.
    Then you had the fiasco with the so called "Election" which seemed to be another "operation" known as"The Integrity Project" going on & carried out.
    In between all this mess, in 2010, The Rockefeller Institute which helped create things like Johns Hopkins who provided the CV toll #'s from January 2020 to current date putting out a 66 page report talking about "Lockstep" & basically gave a playbook as to how things would be handled during a "pandemic", so, with Rockefeller's power & $, plus anyone else contributing like possibly Bezos & whomever else, that's who other purposefully created alphabet soup places like the CDC, DHHS & Afew others listened to because those entities got something out of saying Covid was more of a killer than it had ever been listed as being & one can find Journals of medicine going all the way back to 1963 stating coronavirus was just the common cold & possibly, influenza symptoms.
    The other .org I provided states "coronavirus & SARS & MERS are ficticious, so, made up "diseases" to basically play the role of a bogeyman & control agent.
    The Constitution went out the window for your freedoms probably right after 9/21 which a lot of folks seem to know, feel or believe, was an "inside job" & one that, going back to various things from the 1940's on up, had imagery & sound bites giving one the idea of predicted programming.
    This ranges from a "Porky Pig & Charlie the Dog" cartoon to other forms of media including WWE Wrestling back with Hogan & Savage & beyond.
    If you want to see a bunch, look on YouTube under 9/11 predicted programming & there's a long video giving you a lot of things that involve the "Twin Towers" getting decimated for you to see & sink your teeth into.
    There's certain things not listed like certain band cover art showing the same idea & maybe a few other things, but it's a pretty good list to go through, just to see if you ever somehow viewed these things way before 9/11 happened.

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