09 June 2021

No Liberties for the Unvaccinated | Rocking Philosophy Live

In this livestream I cover the predictable erosion of civil liberties for the unvaccinated, as people like Tony Blair and Ryan-Mark Parsons endorse a system that gives more freedoms to the vaccinated.


'How is he an expert?!' Tony Blair faces vicious backlash after Covid vaccine comments

Tony Blair calls for vaccinated Britons to be exempt from Covid restrictions: Ex-PM wants shops and pubs to have right to ban un-jabbed customers and says 21 'Freedom Day' MUST go ahead

It is only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated

Why I'm disinviting my unvaccinated friends from my dinner parties

Debate About Denying Vaccine Refusers Post-Lockdown Freedoms Gets Heated | Good Morning Britain

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